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Highly Desirable Framed Union Metallic Cartridge Co. Cartridge Display Board - Cartridge boards such as this were a complimentary advertisement provided to sporting goods stores by cartridge manufacturers to hang in their shops, giving consumers a physical representation of the wide range of cartridges they provided. One of these boards is clearly shown hanging in the well-known photograph of the interior of J.P. Lower & Sons’ shop in Denver, and other examples would have hung in other gun shops around the country as promotional items distributed by the Union Metallic Cartridge Co. in the late 19th century. These cartridge display boards, especially this excellent example, naturally
make eye-catching display pieces in gun rooms, gun shops, homes, and businesses. Being one of the largest American cartridge manufacturers, Union Metallic Cartridge Co. would have wanted boards such as this hanging in as many retail locations as possible to compete with the likes
of Winchester. This impressive board includes cartridges ranging from the tiny BB cap up to the massive 1 inch Gatling. Centered around a central diamond shaped image depicting a herd of deer and the “U.M.C.” logo, a number of primers, caps, wads, and cut away brass shotgun shells join the myriad of rifle and revolver rounds. The frame features the attractive U.M.C. trademark and Union Metallic Cartridge Co. carved banners at the top and bottom respectively. It measures approximately 41x54 1/2 inches overall.
CONDITION: Excellent, with highly attractive bright colors on the board, distinct imagery, and minimal evidence of wear. All of the cartridges, bullets, and shells appear to be present and are generally bright, with
a few showing some light patina. The frame retains most of its original varnish finish with fine grains, a few light handling marks, a few tears at the top edges of the paper backing, an original bright appearance on the silver colored inner edges, and the brass banners at the top and bottom exhibit an attractive golden aged patina. Overall an exceptional late 19th century U.M.C. advertising piece that would add great value to any gun room! Estimate: 22,500 - 37,500

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