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    LOT 168
Exceptional Minneapolis Fire Arms Co. Protector Palm Pistol - Serial
no. 2654, 32 XSRF cal., 1 3/4 inch part round bbl., nickel finish, hard rubber grips. Only an estimated 3,000 of these revolvers were manufactured for the Minneapolis Fire Arms Co. in 1891-1892 based on Turbiaux’s patent before the patent rights were sold
to the Chicago Fire Arms Co. who produced a larger version for a few more years. The frame is marked “*
* PATENTED MARCH 6, 1883” at the center and “THE PROTECTOR/MINN. FIRE ARMS CO.” at the center of the removable side plate. Both sides have checkered hard rubber grips. Matching numbers “2654” are found on the sideplate, cylinder, and frame. CONDITION: Excellent, retaining
95% original nickel finish with a small patch of flaking and oxidation on the barrel and otherwise bright nickel. Grips are very fine with some slight softening of the checkering. Mechanically excellent.
Estimate: 2,000 - 3,000
LOT 169
C.S. Shattuck Arms Co. Unique Four Shot Squeeze-Fire Palm Pistol Serial Number 2 - Serial no. 2, 32 RF cal.,
1 1/2 inch cluster bbl., nickel finish, metal grips. This four shot pistol was manufactured on contract and sold
by C.S. Shattuck Arms Co. (misspelled “SHATUCK” on the side of the gun by contractor) of Hatfield, Massachusetts. An example is photographed in Winant’s book “Firearms Curiosa” and on pg. 82
it states, “There are four short barrels bored in a solid steel block which drops for loading when a vertical catch is released. The gun is gripped in the hand and fired by squeezing a sliding part which operates a rotating firing pin.” CONDITION: Exceptionally fine, retaining 95% original nickel finish with some flaking on the top and back of the side plates revealing an attractive dark grey patina, some small file marks on the right side of the backstrap, and light pitting on the trigger. Mechanically functions, but mechanism return spring does not rebound.
Estimate: 2,250 - 3,500
LOT 165
Very Scarce Silver Plated Remington Zig-Zag Derringer - Serial no. 847, 22 S cal., 3 1/4 inch cluster bbl., silver finish, hard rubber grips. Less than 1,000 of these small pocket pistols were manufactured in 1861-1862. These were the first Remington firearms designed to fire metallic cartridges. Advertisements listed them as “Elliott’s Pocket Revolvers.” Many have been lost or destroyed leaving few to fill their places in advanced Remington collections. They are difficult to find in any condition. The frame has the three-line Elliot’s patent marking on the left side and the three-line Remington address marking on the right.
CONDITION: Fine, retaining 60% original silver plating with an attractive grey and brown patina on the balance with some pitting on the back strap. Grips are very fine with some light handling marks. Mechanically fine.
Estimate: 3,000 - 4,500
LOT 166
Factory Engraved and Gold Inlaid Manufacture Francaise d’Armes et Cycles de St. Etienne Gaulois Palm Pistol with Case - Serial no. T16980, 8 mm cal., 2 1/8 inch solid rib bbl., blue/casehardened finish, pearl grips. These pistols were initially called Mitrailleuse from 1893 to approximately 1895 before being rebranded as the Le Gaulois. The model was manufactured by Manufacture Francaise d’Armes et Cycles in St. Etienne until approximately 1912. The frame features near full coverage floral scroll engraving with all of the markings with the exception of the serial number gold inlaid. The trigger mechanism is fitted with a pearl grip pad. Includes a three piece leather case with gold embossed St. Etienne logo at the center.
CONDITION: Very fine, retaining 85% original blue finish and vibrant case colors with limited handling marks, a some spots of light surface oxidation on the barrel, and some marks from use on the trigger. The grip pad is excellent with fiery colors. Mechanically excellent. Case is very fine with some storage and handling marks.
Estimate: 2,250 - 3,500
LOT 167
C.S. Shattuck Arms Co. “Invisible Defender” Pistol with Case - Serial no. 92, 22 RF cal., 1 1/4 inch cluster bbl., nickel finish, metal grips. Manufactured by the C.S. Shattuck Arms Co., of Hatfield, Massachusetts, from 1907-1915. The diminutive pistol has a hinged, four shot, barrel cluster with squeeze trigger in the grip. The pistol has a full nickel-plated finish. The
left side of the barrel is roll-stamped: “INVISIBLE/ DEFENDER” in two lines. The serial number “92” is stamped on the top of the barrel cluster and on
the inside of the frame. The pistol correctly has no manufacturer’s or patent markings. Includes a velvet lined presentation case.
CONDITION: Very good, retaining 97% period replated nickel finish with a singular flake on the left side of the front strap showing the attractively patinaed brass underneath, and some scattered light scuffs. Case is fine with one of the short ends absent. Mechanically fine.
Estimate: 1,100 - 1,600

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