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 CONDITION: Excellent. The engraving and markings remain exceptionally crisp. 95% plus bright original high polish blue finish remains on the barrel and cylinder, and 97% of the vivid original case colors remain on the frame, loading lever, and hammer. The grip straps retain 90% original silver plating which displays mild aged patina. The revolver only exhibits the slightest age and storage related wear along with one tiny patch of faint pitting between two of the nipples. The grip is also excellent and has glossy original varnish, stunning figure, and some minor scrapes and dings mainly at the heel on the left. The case and accessories are in the same remarkable condition as the revolver, including nearly all of the original blue remaining
on the mold and combination tool, nearly all of the original niter blue on the spring on the flask, and the vast majority of the original brown finish on the flask body. R.L. Wilson noted, “For its beauty, rarity and overall quality and richness, No. 180728/. Model 1849 Pocket is ranked among the finest examples of this type [of] Colt revolver known. As such, the piece is perfectly qualified to exemplify the finest in percussion Colt engraved revolvers of the .31 caliber genre. No. 180728/. stands among the best out of the entire production in excess of 325,000 revolvers, well worth of the finest museum or private collection.” Provenance: The Martin Lane Collection; The Greg Lampe Collection.
Estimate: 30,000 - 50,000

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