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Very Scarce Presentation Cased Pair of Factory Engraved Colt London Model 1851 Navy Percussion Revolvers with Accessories -A) Colt Model 1851 Navy Revolver - Serial no. 23647, 36 cal., 7 1/2 inch octagon bbl., blue/casehardened/silver finish, deluxe factory walnut grips. This beautiful matching cased set dates to 1855 in the London range and has the dot at the main serial number locations used to designate revolvers that were factory engraved. R.L. Wilson estimated less than 1,000 London Navies were engraved,
and few of those would have been cased pairs. We have only offered two other cased pairs in the past. The pair is 40 serial numbers apart but were clearly embellished as a true pair. Pairs of Colt percussion revolvers were generally not consecutive. They feature the distinctive London scroll engraving on the barrels at the muzzles and breech sections, the bottom and flats of the loading lever arms, edges of the wedges, frames, trigger guards, and back straps. The recoil shields have scroll engraving while some London Colts have floral patterns at this location. The hammers have scroll designs on the sides and a fish-scale design along the
tops. The distinctive London factory engraved “Colt. Patent.” markings in Gothic script in banners are on the left side of the frames. The barrels have brass cone front sights and “-ADDRESS. COL. COLT. LONDON-.” The barrels and cylinders have the proper London Gunmakers Company proof and view marks. The cylinders feature the classic Naval Battle of Campeche roll-scene. The barrels and cylinders are blued. The loading levers, frames, and hammers are casehardened. The iron grip frames are silver plated. The screws are the rounded
head style found on the London Colts. The grips are nicely figured walnut with a varnish finish. They come
in a shared English style case with brass furniture, including a flat folding handle and blank central circular escutcheon. The case has a loading and cleaning directions label inside the lid, two large Eley Bros. cap
tins marked “Made expressly for/COLT’S PT./Belt & Pocket Pistols” on the green labels, a James Dixon & Sons oiler, bag shaped James Dixon & Sons powder flask, pair of blued Colt dual cavity bullet molds, pair of blued L-shaped combination tools, a cleaning rod, lidded compartment with balls, six spare nipples in another lidded compartment, and a spare mainspring in the remaining compartment.
CONDITION: Very fine. The engraving remains crisp throughout. 90% of the original bright blue finish remains on the barrel with loss mainly from flaking on the left at the breech. The cylinder retains 75% original blue
finish with some patchy flaking, solid safety pins, and minor wear. The loading lever, frame, and hammer
retain the majority of the lightly age faded original case colors and have smooth gray patina where the finish has faded. There is a patch of pitting on the loading lever plunger. The trigger guard and back strap retain
80% of the original silver plating with some loss mainly on the back of the back strap. The grip is also very fine and has the majority of the original varnish finish, attractive figure, some light scratches and dings,
and mild edge wear. Mechanically excellent. The case is very good with mild age and storage related wear including scratches and dings, warping at the front of the lid, some tears and holes on the label, and some
aging of the lining. One of the molds has a matte blue finish, and the other has a bright blue finish; both retain over 80% of the blue. The flask and oiler are excellent with very minimal age and storage related wear. The combination tools are fine, with one retaining 85% plus of the blue finish and the other over 70%.
The cap tins are very good with mild wear.

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