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Excellent Cased Colt Model 1855 “Root” Percussion Pocket
Revolver - Serial no. 5066, 28 cal., 3 1/2 inch octagon bbl., blue finish, walnut grips. Samuel Colt’s “New Model Pocket Pistol” generally known
to collectors as the Model 1855 Pocket or “Root” revolver after Elisha K. Root, is a very distinctive model and was Colt’s only production percussion revolving handgun built with a solid frame. The same design on a larger scale was also used for Colt’s side hammer revolving rifles and shotguns. This incredibly high condition, early Colt Model 1855 Pocket revolver is a “Model 2” variant manufactured in 1856 with a 3 1/2 inch octagon barrel with a cone front sight and the pointing hand motif followed by the two-
line, two-block patent and address marking and a round cylinder with
the cabin and Indian roll-scene. A sight groove and notch rear sight are incorporated into the top strap. Matching serial numbers are visible on the barrel, cylinder, and butt. The revolver is finished with blue on the barrel, cylinder, and frame; casehardening on the loading lever and hammer, and has a “piano” varnish finish on the walnut grip. It comes with a partitioned case containing an Eley Brothers cap tin with green label around the side, a few lead bullets, a Great Seal of the U.S. themed powder flask, brass ball/ bullet mold with “COLT’S/PATENT” marked on the sprue cutter and “F” on the right arm, and a cleaning rod.
CONDITION: Excellent. The revolver retains 90% plus of the bright original high polish blue finish and only exhibits some minor handling and storage wear mainly consisting of fading at the heel. The hammer and loading lever arm also retain 95% plus of the vibrant original case colors, and the markings and cylinder scene remain crisp. The grip is also excellent and has nearly all of the original varnish and only light lower edge and handling wear. Mechanically excellent. The case and accessories are very good and have mild storage wear including fading and contact wear on the lining and attractive aged patina on the mold. The flask retains the vast majority of the original finish. Overall, this is a stunning cased Colt Model 1855 Pocket from the second year of production!
Provenance: The Norm Vegely Collection.
Estimate: 9,500 - 14,000

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