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   According to the 2013 publication "Massachusetts
Marked Colt Second Model Dragoon Revolvers Their History and
U.S. Civil War Issue" by Douglas L. Hays Jr., only 100 Colt Second Model Dragoons were procured from the U.S. Ordnance Department by the Massachusetts Militia in 1852. Approximately 20 are still known to exist.
LOT 242
Scarce and Desirable U.S. Contract Colt Second Model Dragoon Percussion Revolver with Massachusetts Militia Marking - Serial no. 10557, 44 cal., 7 1/2 inch part round bbl.,
blue/casehardened finish, walnut grips. Only an estimated 2,700 Second Model Dragoons revolvers were manufactured around 1850 and 1851 compared to 7,000 of the First Model
Dragoons and 10,500 Third Model Dragoons. They are thus by far the scarcest of the primary Colt Dragoon models that descended from the iconic Colt Walker. They saw considerable
use by the U.S. Mounted Rifles and Dragoons in the antebellum era in the Old West and continued to see use through the Civil War. This late 2nd Model is a U.S. contract revolver
manufactured in 1851 and features a German silver blade front sight, “-ADDRESS SAML COLT NEW-YORK CITY-” on top of the barrel, “COLT’S/PATENT/U.S.” on the left side of the frame,
the Texas Ranger and Comanche fight scene on the cylinder along with the “U.S.M.R.” marking and rectangular stops, square back trigger guard, all matching visible serial numbers, some small single letter inspection marks, a “JCB” cartouche on the left side of the grip (Joseph C. Bragg) with a deeper “X” stamped over it, a “W.A.T.” cartouche on the right (Captain William Anderson Thornton), and “MS” stamped into the trigger guard in front of the bow for Massachusetts indicting this revolver was issued to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts under the Militia Act as discussed in “Massachusetts Marked Colt Second Model Dragoon Revolvers: Their Early History and U.S. Civil War Issue” by Douglas L. Hays Jr. He indicates only 100 of these revolvers were procured from the U.S. Ordnance Department for the Massachusetts Militia in 1852 and estimates only 20 are known to exist today.
CONDITION: Vey good with mostly gray and light brown patina on the iron, distinct markings and cylinder scene, aged patina on the grip straps, and mild overall wear. The grip is fine and has legible markings, minor dings and scratches, and some faint cracks towards the top (one showing a repair). Mechanically fine. This is a very scarce variation of the already scarce Colt Second Model Dragoon and will be an impressive addition to any Colt, Civil War, or U.S. Military collection!
Estimate: 8,000 - 14,000
LOT 243
Very Fine Civil War U.S. Contract Colt Model 1860 Army Percussion Revolver - Serial no. 88925, 44 cal., 8 inch round bbl., blue/
casehardened finish, walnut grips. The Colt Model 1860 Army was the primary revolver used by the Union during the Civil War. This attractive example was manufactured in 1863. Various single letter inspection marks, and “JT” (John Taylor) inspection cartouches stamped on both sides of the grip. Full and partial matching serial number “88925” marked on the barrel, frame, trigger guard, butt, wedge, cylinder, cylinder pin and handwritten in black ink inside the grip mortise.
CONDITION: Very fine, retains 50% plus original blue finish with smooth brown patina on the balance, 80% vivid
original case colors, a few small patches of minor pitting, a sharp cylinder scene and defined markings and edges
in the metal overall. Grip is fine as re-oiled with general light wear, scattered dings, and lightly worn but visible
cartouches. Mechanically excellent.
Estimate: 4,500 - 6,500

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