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LOT 305
Very Fine Eagle Head Pommel Officer’s Saber with Engraved Scabbard - These eagle head pommel swords were especially popular from the Federalist Era through the Age of Jackson and continued to see use into the Mexican-American War. This very attractive example has a 31 3/8 inch curved blade with broad fuller, 17 inch panels of niter blue backgrounds terminating in floral designs along with etched floral and martial designs highlighted by gold. The gilt brass hilt has the distinctive eagle head pommel, floral and martial designs, and a spread wing eagle and shield design on the languet along with 19 stars suggesting it was manufactured between c. 1816 when Indiana was admitted as a state but before Mississippi was admitted in late 1817. The bone grip is carved and checkered. The brass hilt has mainly floral engraving but also features a spread wing eagle design between the suspension rings. Overall, definitely a very attractive and patriotic sword. CONDITION: Very fine overall. Exceptional blade with only a few small spots of staining, 90% plus of the original niter blue and gold, crisp etching, traces of original gilt finish and aged patina on the hilt, minor chips on the grip, strong gilt in some of the protected areas of the scabbard and otherwise mellow aged patina and distinct patriotic engraving. This is a very beautiful sword fit for any patriot’s collection. Estimate: 3,500 - 5,500
LOT 306
Fine Civil War 1862 Dated D.J. Millard Model 1860 Cavalry Saber and Scabbard - D.J. Millard from Clayville, NY, had a contract for 10,000 sabers. The blade has “US/CEW/1862” (Charles E. Wilson) on the right ricasso and “D.J. MILLARD/CLAYVILLE NY” is on the left. The brass hilt has a brown leather and twisted wire wrapped grip. The iron scabbard has “W.E.H.” on the drag (William E. Hosmer) and “H” on the throat. CONDITION: Fine exterior with exceptionally fine bright polished blade, aged patina on the brass, vertical crack in the grip and flaked leather, mottled gray patina on the scabbard, and light age and storage related wear. Provenance: The George S. Lewis Jr. Collection. Estimate: 3,000 - 5,000
LOT 307
Very Attractive Pre-Civil War Martially Inspected Ames U.S. Model 1840 “Old Wristbreaker” Cavalry Saber and Scabbard - This U.S. contract Model 1840 Cavalry Saber was manufactured by Ames in 1855. This model was adopted after the military tested the French 1822 hussar sabers and was nicknamed “Old Wristbreaker” for its weight. This was the primary issue saber during the Mexican-American War and was replaced by the similar but lighter U.S. Model 1860 Saber during the Civil War but remained in wide use throughout the conflict by cavalrymen on both sides. It has an iron scabbard with “JH” (John Hannis) inspection mark on the drag, a 36 inch curved blade with “US/JH” on the right ricasso and “AMES MFG CO./ CHICOPEE/MASS/1855” on the left side, leather washer at the base of the blade, and a brass hilt with twisted wire wrapped grip. CONDITION: Fine exterior, with attractive aged patina on the hilt, mild wear on the leather on the grip, exceptionally fine bright polished blade, mottled gray patina and light surface pitting on the scabbard, and distinct markings throughout. It is certainly an exceptional representative example of an iconic U.S. cavalry saber. Provenance: The George S. Lewis Jr. Collection. Estimate: 3,000 - 5,000

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