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LOT 368
Scarce Documented Engraved and Gold Inlaid Cased Pair of “Hair Rifled”
John Manton Single Trigger Over/Under Flintlock Pistols -A) Manton Double Barrel Flintlock Pistol - Serial no. 3870, 22 bore cal., 8 1/8 octagon bbl., brown/gold/ casehardened/blue finish, walnut grips. This pair of pistols dating from circa 1802 are listed by serial number on page 79 of “The Mantons: Gunmakers” (Walker & Company 1967 edition) by W. Keith Neal and D.H.L. Back and are listed as a cased pair of double barrel 22 bore pistols credited to “N. Blank, U.S.A.” and discussed as: “The barrels are
set ‘under and over’. They are hair rifled and are marked on their underside 4033, the hooks of the breech plugs being similarly numbered. The words on the upper barrels are in gold, and the touch-holes are gold lined. The serial number 3870 appears on the trigger guards, and on the locks. Single trigger mechanisms are fitted which operate the left lock first. This fires the lower barrel, Manton’s normal practice, since the recoil
of the lower barrel disturbs aim less.” The Norman R. Blank Collection’s tag for this pair notes “Ex: Samuel Colt Collection” but no further information was included. An included August 28, 1961, dated sales record indicates it was purchased by Mr. Blank from F. Theodore Dexter.
The pistols have very faint “hair” or “scratch” rifling in the barrels and are fitted with fixed silver blade front sights and dovetailed notch rear sights on the upper barrels and are signed “---MANTON * LONDON---” in gold inlay on the upper flats as well
as gold bands and vent liners at the breech ends. The faint rifling present on these pistols will have added a useful degree of accuracy. The flats on the right have London proof marks, and the lower right flats on the upper barrels are marked “4033.” The casehardened standing breeches have martial and floral engraving.

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