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    LOT 377
Very Scarce Documented Left Handed Dutch Wheellock
Sporting Gun Formerly in the Visser Collection - NSN, 10
Bore cal., 56 5/8 inch part octagon bbl., bright finish, hardwood
stock. This large smoothbore sporting gun was manufactured
during the third quarter of the 17th century and is featured in G.
de Vries and B.J. Martens “The Visser Collection, Vol. I, Part 4” on
pages 214-215. The long barrel may be older than the gun itself
and has a bead front sight on the Ottoman style bulbous muzzle
along with brass and silver bands, a dovetailed notch rear sight
on the octagonal breech section, and short tang secured by the screw that passes up through the front
of the finger groove trigger guard and double set trigger plate. The lock is flat with some chiseled accents
and engraving on the dog. The long fruitwood stock has an engraved staghorn forend cap, ornate fluted molding along the forend, a rounded patchbox cover, floral pattern staghorn lock screw plates, and a nicely sculpted cheekpiece with scroll carved accent. The ramrod is a replacement.
CONDITION: Fine with mostly silver-gray patina, some light pitting, and general minor overall wear. The stock is also fine and has some faint repairs along the forend and light scratches and dings. The lock has not been tested. The set triggers are mechanically fine. Provenance: Property of a European Nobleman; The Henk L. Visser Collection; Property of a Gentleman.
Estimate: 6,000 - 9,000
This superb Spanish gun looks is fitted with a French influenced “la llave a la moda de Madrid” or Madrid lock. The lock
has a gold-lined “crown/ANT./GO/MEZ” punzon between the cock and the priming pan, floral scroll engraving with beaded and gilded backgrounds, and “ANTONIO GOMEZ 1771/MADRID” signature in banners below the pan. The blued barrel, which is retained by three pierced spring-held bands, is similarly inlaid with “EN MADRID” (upper left), “ANTONIO GOMEZ” (top), and “ANO DE 1771” (upper right) in gold along with gold inlaid scroll and floral patterns and has the following sunken gold-lined markings at the breech: a cross, three flowers, the same punzon as the lock, and a unicorn. The barrel tang and furniture have engraving with gold backgrounds that coordinate with the lock. The trigger guard has the same gold-lined punzon on the bow. The burnished steel grooved rear sight is fitted to the barrel by its own band which is engraved en suite with the other furniture and features two shaped gilt panels, and a silver “spider” base front sight is fitted near the muzzle of the smoothbore barrel. The gun has a French style stock with checkering on the forend and wrist and a shallow cheek rest terminating in a scroll and is believed to have been restocked in France around 1810. A similar gun with the Madrid style stock and side plate can be seen in Francisco Goya’s hunting portrait of King Carlos III circa 1786- 1788. Antonio Gomez was one of the most influential Madrid gunmakers in the third quarter of the 18th century. He was trained by Joaquin Zelaya and became a gunmaker to King Carlos III in the 1760s, trained Juan Lopez and Ramon Martinez, and died in 1774. CONDITION: Exceptionally fine as period restocked and refinished with 95% plus blue and gold finish, mostly bright lock plate and furniture, some patches of mild oxidation/pitting, and generally only minor age and storage related wear. The stock is very fine and has some minor handling and storage type marks, crisp checkering, and smooth oiled finish. Mechanically excellent. Provenance: The Norman R. Blank Collection. Estimate: 4,000 - 6,500
  LOT 378
Exceptional Engraved and Gold Inlaid Antonio Gomez Madrid 1771 Dated Madrid-Lock Smoothbore Sporting Gun - NSN, 16 gauge, 37 3/8 inch part octagon bbl., blue/gold/bright finish, walnut stock.

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