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Outstanding Historic Documented U.S. Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless Semi-Automatic General Officer’s Pistol with General Officer Belt and Holster Issued to Lt. Colonel Charles Glover Jr. with Paperwork and Photographs - Serial no. 571878, 32 ACP cal., 3 3/4 inch round bbl., parkerized finish, checkered walnut grips. Manufactured in 1945, this Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless pistol was subsequently purchased by and issued to Lieutenant Colonel Charles A. Glover Jr. The pistol was shipped to Glover at Wright Field in Dayton, Ohio, on 11 December 1945, as documented by two included original shipping documents. Glover served in World War II, during which he was in charge of aircraft distribution throughout the United States, helped with the construction of Rhein-Main Air Base in Germany, which was pivotal during the “Berlin Airlift”, and served on the staff of General Henry “Hap” Arnold. He was later called up during the Korean War and served in Germany, and upon retirement from the military joined Eastern Airlines where he worked for many years. Various other documents are included with the pistol including
photographs, obituary, and a hand written note from Charles’ wife, Anita Glover. The slide has the standard two-line address and patent dates on the left followed by the Rampant Colt and the two-line caliber marking on the right. The right of the frame is marked “U.S. PROPERTY”, and the left has the serial number. The left of the trigger guard has “VP” and “4” markings, while the right is marked “57”. It is fitted with blade and notch sights and a pair of checkered walnut grips with Colt medallions. Includes a black leather general officer belt and holster as well as an OD canvas bag marked “SHIPPING/DOCUMENTS/ARMY/PROPERTY”. CONDITION: Excellent, retains 99% plus of the original parkerized finish with a few scattered very light handling marks and some extremely light edge wear. The grips are also excellent with a few scattered light blemishes in the otherwise crisp checkering and a few small patches of brown patina on the medallions. Mechanically excellent. The belt and holster are also excellent with light wear. Documented Colt Model 1903 General Officer’s pistols are a pivotal part of any complete collection of U.S. Military arms!
Estimate: 8,500 - 13,000

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