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Rare and Highly Desirable Glass Winchester Store Display Gun Cabinet - This factory store display cabinet was manufactured in the early 1900s to aid Winchester dealers in displaying their Winchester long guns. There is a brass “Walrus Mfg. Co. Decatur, ILL.” manufacturer plaque attached to the bottom.
It is constructed of oak, with full length glass panels and a cathedral top with glass panels. The top of door is stamped with the serial number
for the cabinet “358”. It stands approximately 73 inches in height on four legs with the typical brass feet sheathes present, and each side is approximately 18 inches wide. The
inside display height is approximately 45 inches. On the inside is a four sided rack that will hold 20 long guns. All four sides are 5/8 inch thick and are marked “WINCHESTER” in white
and black bordered red letters with black lettered “PATENT APPLIED FOR” on
a white background below. The bottom of the case
and the inner edge of the rack is lined with original green felt.
CONDITION: Very fine with scattered minor storage and handling marks and some white residue on the feet and vivid Winchester logo on the interior. The glass remains clear. There
is some fading to the felt, but it remains an attractive green. This would make for the perfect way to display your Winchester collection! Estimate: 9,500 - 16,000
CONDITION: Excellent plus, retains 99% of the bright original blue finish with a few scattered light dings and scratches. The wood is also excellent plus with a few scattered light handling marks. Mechanically excellent. Estimate: 9,500 - 16,000

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