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LOT 644
Excellent Ray Viramontez Signed, Engraved, and Gold Inlaid Smith & Wesson
Model 66-1 Double Action Revolver - Serial no. 64K8544, 357 magnum cal., 6 inch solid
rib bbl., stainless finish, plastic grips. Manufactured in 1980 and subsequently embellished
by FEGA founding member Ray Viramontez. The muzzle and breech end of the barrel are
inlaid with two gold bands which have a band of leafy engraving between them. The barrel features 80% coverage floral scroll engraving with excellent use of negative space. The sides
of the frame display near full coverage floral scroll engraving with a leafy design at the top
strap. Within the engraving are four gold inlays. The left side has a fox bust at the front and
a sprinting buck below the cylinder release. The right side has a running hare at the front
and a hawk coming to snatch its pray on the sideplate. Two gold bands are inlaid at the rear
of the cylinder with a similar leafy motif to the muzzle engraved between them and floral scroll between the flutes. The work is signed at the bottom of the sideplate “RV”.
CONDITION: Excellent overall as embellished by Ray Viramontez, with limited handling marks, some minor discoloration around the rear sight, a faint cylinder drag line, and crisp engraving with an attractive coloration to the grips. Mechanically excellent. This revolver would be right at home in any engraved firearm collection!
Estimate: 12,000 - 18,000

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