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   CONDITION: Very fine, with 80% blue finish on the barrel which
has dulled slightly. Nearly all the blue finish is present on the loading
gate while the blue on the dust cover has aged to a plum blue patina.
The forearm cap, receiver, hammer and lever retain 40% of the original
case colors. Half of the faded case colors are present on the buttplate. The
stock and forearm are very good overall with light-moderate handling wear.
The forearm has a number of light handling marks and shows expected finish wear near the receiver. The stock retains much of the original varnish finish and has several minor dents and scratches. The rear sight is a period replacement. Mechanically excellent. This is a very fine example of a Model 1873 Winchester rifle with scarce and desirable special order color casehardened receiver.
stimate: 8,500 - 12,000
The loading gate retains 90% plus of the fire blue finish. The hammer,
trigger and lever retain 60% of the muted case colors with some fading on the
contact points on the lever bottom. The crescent buttplate has aged to a mottled
blue-gray patina with some finish loss and minor age discoloration on the inside of the heel and toe. The stock is also very fine with 90% of the original varnish remains and wear is limited to a few scattered and very insignificant handling marks. The refinished forearm is dented at the frame junction. Mechanically excellent.
Estimate: 6,500 - 9,500

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