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detailed games scenes outlined in gold inlay. The factory engraving patterns were established 1897 when renowned master engraver Conrad Ulrich was the engraver for Marlin. Ulrich did a majority of the engraving for Marlin from 1881 until 1910 when he left for Winchester, spending a lifetime embellishing some of the finest high art firearms of the period. Grade No. 10 was one of the highest grades of embellishments offered by Marlin at this time and cost the customer an additional $50.00. The left side of the receiver depicts a doe and buck in a forest scene inside an oval panel outlined in gold. The right side of the receiver depicts a squirrel in a tree inside a circular panel outlined in gold. Light scrollwork decorates the forend cap and lever. Additional gold inlay is found on the hammer and forend cap. The breech of the barrel is engraved with light scrollwork and inlaid with gold and platinum lines. The rifle is fitted with a beaded blade Lyman front sight, a two leaf Lyman rear sight, and a folding tang peep sight. The top barrel flat has the two-line Marlin address/patent dates marking ahead of the rear sight. The top of the receiver is drilled and tapped between the “MA” in the “MARLIN SAFETY” marking. The underside of the receiver has the serial number. The deluxe walnut forearm and pistol grip stock feature a factory checkering pattern using grape leaves. This style of checkering was reserved for rifles decorated with the No. 10 engraving. As stated in period factory marketing literature, “Our illustration of No. 10 engraving shows a stock and forearm specially checkered to accord with the grape leaf design of the engraving” (“Marlin Firearms,” 520). The buttstock is fitted with a Marlin hard rubber shotgun style buttplate. A similar No. 10 engraved, inlaid and stocked Model 1897 is pictured in “Marlin Firearms” on page 239 where author and Marlin expert Brophy confirms the rarity of this grade of decorative firearm: “One of very few known gold inlaid Model 1897 rifles.” Comes with two extra .22 caliber factory half octagon barrels factory engraved and inlaid to match. Each barrel has empty front and rear sight dovetails, measures 24 inches, and has the factory two-line legend on the top flat. One barrel is unnumbered. The other barrel is numbered to the gun and is marked with the number “2.” The inclusion of three matching engraved and inlaid barrels is another rare feature.
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Rare Antique Factory Grade No. 10 Engraved, Gold Inlaid, and Stocked Marlin Deluxe Model 1897 Lever Action Rifle Three Barrel Set with Factory Letter - Serial no. 153392, 22 RF cal., 24 inch part octagon bbl., blue/casehardened finish, walnut stock. Manufactured in 1897. The receiver of this rifle is decorated with a fabulous Marlin Grade No. 10 engraving and inlaid patterns consisting of grape leaves on a punch dot background and highly

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