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  LOT 1115
Outstanding, Extremely Rare, Documented,
Identified Individual Shipped, Factory Relief Carved Eagle
Stocked Dual Caliber .44 Russian/.44 S&W Special Colt First Generation
Single Action Army Revolver with Special Order Three Pairs of Grips and Extra
.44-40 WCF Cylinder, Original Box, and Factory Letter - Serial no. 350799, 44 Russian S&W special
cal., 5 1/2 inch round bbl., blue/casehardened finish, original grips. While Colt Single Action Army
revolvers were often chambered for the same cartridges as Winchester’s popular repeaters, they were not commonly chambered for cartridges by Smith & Wesson, their main competitors in the handgun market. This revolver is one of the exceptions, and by 1930 Colt switched to marking these revolvers “44 SPECIAL” which removed any mention of Smith & Wesson from their revolvers. It is one of only an estimated 506 Single Action Army revolvers manufactured for .44 S&W Special per “The 36 Calibers of the Colt Single Action Army” by David M. Brown.
The accompanying factory letter lists this revolver with a 5 1/2 inch barrel in .44 S&W, blue finish, and hard rubber
stocks. Under “Special Features” the letter confirms the revolver was shipped with an extra .44-40 caliber cylinder, an
extra pair of wood stocks, and an extra pair of stocks with carved eagle motif which the revolver currently wears. All three grip
sets and extra .44-40 WCF cylinder are included. Leaving the factory with an extra .44-40 WCF cylinder and three sets of grips likely makes this First Generation Peacemaker the only one of its kind shipped from Colt. The letter also states the revolver was shipped on April 18, 1927, to Bob Smith Sporting Goods Co. of Boston, Massachusetts, c/o George H. Crocker, Jr. (address unavailable). This was a single gun shipment. It is not often we catalog SAAs shipped to an individual, another standout feature of this already prized Colt collectible. George H. Crocker, Jr. (1893-1948) has been identified as the son of the International Paper Manufacturers Crocker
& Burbank Assn. Crocker left Harvard to join the American Volunteer Motor Ambulance Corps (also known as the Norton-Harjes Ambulance Corps) prior to America’s official entry into World War I. He was seriously injured aboard the steamer ship Sussex when it was torpedoed in the English Channel in March 1916. He was among three Americans injured from the German U-boat attack. After recovering from his injuries, Crocker enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps in June 1918
and served with the 3rd Squadron of the 1st Marine Aviation Force in France. The
1st Marine Aviation Force provided bomber and fighter support for the Navy’s
Day Wing, Northern Bombing Group. He was commissioned a second lieutenant
and honorably discharged in February 1919. After graduating Harvard, Crocker
traveled to China in 1920 with the Pacific Development Corp. When he returned
to the U.S., he began his career with the Old Colony Trust Company Bank and was
a highly respected Boston-Cambridge-Brookline community member. He died at
age 55 in July 1948 after years of ill health resulting from his World War I injuries.
Scans of newspaper articles pertaining to Crocker as well
as his obituary are included.
The barrel has the two-line “RUSSIAN AND/S & W SPECIAL” followed by “44” marking on the left side. The other markings are standard including matching serial numbers on the frame, trigger guard and back strap. The matching assembly number
“344” appears on the loading gate and rear of the frame. As stated, all three sets of grips confirmed in the factory letter are present, including the silver Rampant Colt medallion grips with the factory relief carved eagle and shield on the right panel. Documented factory carved stocks are rare, and when they are encountered, they are generally carved with a steer head. The eagle and shield motif is another rare feature on this SAA. The checkered hard rubber grips feature an embossed Rampant Colt at the tops. The plain walnut grips have silver Rampant Colt medallions. The included factory maroon box has the matching serial number on the bottom, end label with barrel length (5 1/2 inches), .44 caliber, and “RUBBER” for stocks, and an additional white label marked “S.&W. CARTRIDGE.” above the hand marked matching serial number in ink. The box contains “Special Instructions” and
“Shooting Suggestions” pamphlets.
CONDITION: Excellent, retaining 97% plus bright original polish blue finish with a hint of muzzle wear and a light cylinder drag line with a few specks of surface oxidation. The frame and hammer retain 98% plus vivid original case colors with slight fading on the recoil shield and loading gate. The grips are also excellent with a few minor handling marks, crisp factory carving, and highly attractive color and grain. Mechanically excellent. The extra cylinder retains 98% original blue finish with slight spotting and a light drag line. The two extra sets of factory original grips are both excellent with the hard rubber set having a few minor handling marks and overall crisp checkering and the walnut set having the slightest handling marks. The box is fine with some minor wear and nearly all of the clear labels remaining. This dual caliber .44 Russian/.44 S&W Special Colt SAA is in exceptional condition that will be nearly impossible to improve upon, but to be factory documented as shipped with an extra .44 WCF cylinder and three pairs of grips, makes for a combination of rarity and condition that makes this SAA a truly stunning, one-of-a-kind crown jewel in Colt collecting. Estimate: 27,500 - 42,500

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