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The top barrel flat has the two-line Winchester New Haven address ahead of the rear sight and “40-82 W.C.F.” at the breech. The rifle is fitted with a dovetail blade front sight and an elevation adjustable rear sight. The upper tang is marked “-MODEL 1886-.” The lower tang has the two-line patent dates marking and the serial number. The forend cap, receiver, hammer, lever, and buttplate are casehardened, and the remaining surfaces are blued. The forearm and straight grip stock are straight grain walnut. The buttstock is fitted with a crescent buttplate.
These rifles were chambered in a variety of large calibers, all of which offered anyone in the West the comfort of knowing they had a rifle capable of stopping nearly anything thrown at it. This rifle is chambered in the rarer .40-82 W.C.F. This caliber was introduced in 1885 for the Winchester Model 1885 single shot rifle also designed by Browning and was available for the Model 1886 into the early 20th century but was then discontinued. The .40- 82 W.C.F. was loaded with a 200 grain bullet and 82 grains of black powder and could be used to take everything from deer up to big game including moose and was favored by many big game hunters. Rifles in this caliber are rarely encountered today due to many being altered over the last century
to more available calibers. However, modern specialty companies again offer .40-82 W.C.F. ammo and components today, and hunters are still taking game with these rifles.
CONDITION: Excellent plus, near new. The barrel and magazine tube retain 99% original blue finish. The bolt retains 99% original blue finish. Nearly all of the original blue remains on the loading gate. The receiver, hammer, and lever retain 98% plus vivid original case colors with slight fading along the high edges. 90% original case colors remain on the buttplate. The wood is also excellent plus with the slightest handling marks. Mechanically excellent. Winchester Model 1886 rifles were often used hard as working guns on the Western Frontier and thus, examples in phenomenal condition like this one are incredibly scarce. This is the finest standard configuration Winchester Model 1886 lever action rifle that we have had the pleasure of cataloging. Estimate: 75,000 - 125,000

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