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Extremely Rare, Documented Special Order Set of Three Consecutively Numbered Pairs of 3rd Generation Colt Frontier Six Shooter Single Action Army Revolvers with Black Powder Frames, Boxes, Book, and Factory Letters Shipped to Colt Scholar Don Wilkerson
LOT 1193
-A) Colt Factory Engraved Frontier Six Shooter Revolver - Serial no. SA67428, 44-40 cal., 4 3/4 inch round bbl., Mirror-Brite blue finish, original to the gun grips.
This is a one of a kind set of six total revolvers in three finishes consecutively serial numbered as pairs (not as
a six gun set). All of the revolvers are fitted with special order bevelled cylinders and have the black powder
style frames. A & B have gold inlaid “1” and “2” on the
top of the back straps. C, D, E, & F are “line cut engraved” with “1” and “2” on the top of the back straps. Wilkerson indicates this was done by Colt Master Engraver George Spring. All have full coverage special order finishes: A &
B are “Mirror-Brite” blue. C & D are silver plated, and E &
F are gold plated. They all have fleur-de-lis checkered, one-piece grips and black powder style frames. Guns A
& B are pictured on page 242, and guns C & D, as well as the other pair shipped with E & F, are pictured on page 253 of the included copy of Don Wilkerson’s “The Post-War Colt Single-Action Revolver, 1976-1986.” Per Wilkerson’s study, only 1% of all 3rd Generation Colts were factory engraved and had a finish other than blue or nickel, and only 2% of engraved revolvers were in .44-40. Only 3%
of all consecutive sets were manufactured in this caliber, and only 4% of the consecutively numbered revolvers
had special finishes. The factory letters all confirm the configurations and indicate that the revolvers were shipped in two pair sets to Don Wilkerson at The Single
Action Shop on March 22, 1985. A & B are listed as a order 2922. C & D were order number 2923, and E & F were 2924. The revolvers all have the standard markings, including matching serial numbers, and have standard blade and frame groove sights. They come in a hardwood case fitted to the guns and have original boxes with matching numbers and factory documents including manuals. The included case was built specifically for this Wilkerson set of 6 revolvers.
CONDITION: Near new with original box. There are some slight storage marks overall. Mechanically excellent. The box has minor storage wear, and the case has only a few minor marks.

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