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 LOT 1239
Scarce Civil War Era E. G. Lamson & Co. Palmer Bolt Action Saddle Ring Carbine - NSN, 50 RF cal., 20 inch round bbl., blue/casehardened finish, walnut stock. The Palmer carbine holds the distinction of being the first metallic cartridge bolt action firearm ever adopted by the U.S. Ordnance Department. The bolt does not contain a firing pin and is simply used to seat the cartridge and seal the breech. It fires with a traditional side lock. Approximately 1,001 of these carbines were ordered on contract by the U.S. government late in the Civil War, but they were delivered too late to see action. It has small “M.M” (Miles Moulton) inspection initials on the left of the breech, left stock flat, and top of the stock ahead of the buttplate tang as well as a circled script “MM” inspection cartouche stamped on the left stock flat. Numbers “24”, “56” and “52” are stamped on top of the stock comb. CONDITION: Fine, retains 80% original plum blue finish on the barrel with a few light scratches, 30% original case colors remain on the lock and hammer with smooth gray patina on the balance of the mostly silvered out casehardened surfaces with scattered patches of light pitting. Stock is very fine, with defined edges, numerous scattered dents and scratches, and an exceptionally crisp cartouche. Mechanically excellent. This scarce Civil War era Palmer carbine, a significant piece in
the development of military arms as well as firearms in general, would make a fine addition to any U.S. Martial collection! Estimate: 2,250 - 3,500
    Civil War U.S. Sharps New Model 1863 Breech Loading Percussion Saddle Ring Carbine - Serial no. C,30802, 52 cal., 22 inch round bbl., blue/casehardened finish, walnut stock. Features a blade front sight and Lawrence patent ladder rear sight with 900 yard center notch, “NEW MODEL 1863” marked on top of the barrel at the breech, matching serial number “C,30802” marked on the upper receiver tang and underside of the barrel, Sharps 1848 patent date marked on the left of the receiver with the R.S. Lawrence 1859 patent date and Sharps 1852 patent date on the lock, single letter inspection marks stamped on various components, “E.P.R” inspection initials stamped on the bottom flat of the forend and on top of the stock comb ahead of the buttplate tang, and two boxed script “TWR” (Thomas W. Russell) inspection cartouches stamped on the left of the wrist. CONDITION: Fine, retains 40% original blue finish with smooth brown patina on the balance, 30% original case colors concentrated on the lock with smooth brown and gray patinas on the balance, and sharp markings and edges in the metal. The wood is also fine with scattered light dents and scratches, a minor small crack on top ahead of the buttplate tang, and visible cartouches and stamps. Mechanically excellent. Estimate: 2,500 - 3,750
LOT 1241 Remington “Type III” Small Frame Split Breech Rolling Block Saddle Ring Carbine - Serial no. 5540, 46 RF cal., 20 inch round bbl., blue/casehardened finish, walnut stock. Type III split breech civilian carbines, such as
this one as evidenced by its lack of an inspection cartouche on the stock, were part of the last batch of approximately 1,000 manufactured in both small and large frame sizes using leftover parts, dies, and machinery that was returned to E. Remington & Sons after the completion of the U.S. government contract deliveries by Savage Revolving Arms Co. on behalf of
Remington. These were advertised in the catalog of 1866, with many sold and used out West. Features include a “pinched” blade front sight, notch rear sight with folding leaf graduated up to 500 yards, two-line Remington address and patent markings on the upper tang, and saddle bar with saddle ring on
the left of the frame. Single letter inspection initials marked on some components. Matching serial number “5540” marked on the left front surface of the frame and on the bottom of the barrel at the breech which also has a crossed out “302”.
CONDITION: Fine, retains 75% original blue finish on the barrel with some scattered patches of corrosion towards the muzzle end, and strong traces of original case colors on the frame beneath brown and silvery gray patinas. The wood is very good, with numerous scattered mild dents and scratches, and a chipped section on the right rear of the
LOT 1240
     forearm. Mechanically excellent. Estimate: 2,000 - 3,500
 LOT 1242
U.S. Civil War Gwyn & Campbell Type II “Union Rifle” Breech Loading Percussion Saddle Ring Carbine - Serial no. 2508, 52 cal., 20 inch part octagon bbl., blue/ casehardened finish, walnut stock. These carbines were manufactured by Edward Gwyn and Abner C. Campbell in Ohio and are essentially updated versions of their prior Cosmopolitan carbines. They were issued in fairly large numbers to Union cavalry units operating in the Western Theater, including the 8th Iowa Cavalry, which received
2,007 Gwyn & Campbells in total and was mustered into service in Davenport, Iowa, just across the river from Rock Island Auction Company. This example has the standard Type II markings and features. Equipped with a ladder rear sight graduated to 600 yards with a 700 yard notch, boxed script “RKW” and “WHR” inspection cartouches stamped on the left of the stock wrist and “R.K.W” inspection initials stamped ahead of the buttplate. CONDITION: Fine, retains 70% original blue finish, 70% vivid original case colors, and 30% original niter blue finish, with scattered mild brown freckling and patina on the balance, and defined markings and edges in the metal. Stock is also fine, with scattered scratches and dents, distinct edges and exceptionally crisp cartouches. Mechanically excellent. Estimate: 1,800 - 2,750

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