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Presentation Double Cased Set of Two Colt London Percussion Revolvers Inscribed for George Fielder in 1858 -A) Colt London Model 1851 Navy Revolver with Rare Checkered Grip - Serial no. 33613, 36 cal., 7 1/2 inch octagon bbl., blue/casehardened finish, checkered walnut grips. Cased sets of multiple percussion Colt revolvers are very scarce, and those with more than one model are particularly scarce. We more often see sets with two of the same model like a pair of Model 1849 Pockets or Model 1851 Navy revolvers, but this cased set includes a Model 1851 Navy revolver with rare checkered grip and a Model 1849 Pocket, both from
Colt’s London factory. A set like this would provide a smaller handgun for daily personal protection and a larger revolver
for home, mounted travel, carriage defense, or service as an officer. The set is inscribed with the motto “FAIRE SANS DIRE” (French for “do without saying”) in a garter around a crest consisting of an armored arm holding an arrow or spear above an outstretched hand and torse on the case lid escutcheon and top of both back straps along with “Mr. Geo Fielder” on both back straps and “11th Augt 1858” below the name on
the Model 1851 Navy’s back strap. There appear to be several men by that name living in the U.K. in the period, including one at Dobcross, Saddleworth, West Yorkshire, England, at the time and another was listed at Doctors’ Commons (a society house for civil lawyers) in London. One is recorded as dying on January 9th, 1867, at the age of 73 and is buried in the graveyard at Hambledon Church, Surrey, England.
The revolvers come in an oak case with flat folding circular handle, circular escutcheon with the noted motto and crest inscribed on it, brass corner binding, Hobbs & Co. London marked lock, green baize lining, a directions for loading and cleaning label inside the lid, cleaning rod, lubricant tin, W. & C. Eley cap tin, three cartridge packs, a James Dixon & Sons flask, set of molds and combination tools, and a James Dixon & Sons oiler.
The Model 1851 Navy was manufactured in 1855 at the
London factory and has the rounded screw-heads, the 230 “-ADDRESS. COL: COLT. LONDON.-” barrel address, London
proof and view marks, and blued iron grip frame typical of the London Navy revolvers. It also has a brass cone front sight, hammer notch rear sight, the standard naval battle scene and patent markings, and matching visible serial numbers. The back strap has the motto and crest discussed above behind the hammer followed by “Mr. Geo Fielder/11th Augt 1858” down the back strap. It is fitted with a finely checkered walnut grip, a rarity on percussion Colts.
CONDITION: Fine with distinct inscriptions and markings, 70% of the dark original blue finish remaining on the barrel, 30% on the cylinder, 60% original case colors, traces of original blue on the protected areas of the grip frame, mostly smooth brown patina on the balance, bright niter blue on the trigger and screws, and some light scratches and marks. The grip is fine and has crisp checkering, minor handling and storage wear, some dings on the butt, and a tiny chip at the toe on the left. The case and accessories are very good with mild age and storage related wear, including some staining and contact wear on the lining and label.
B) Colt Model 1849 Pocket Revolver - Serial no. 3815, 31 cal., 4 inch octagon bbl., blue/casehardened finish, varnished walnut grips. The Model 1849 Pocket was manufactured at the London factory in 1854 and has mostly the rounded screw-heads, London proof and view marks, “{ADDRESS. COL. COLT./LONDON.} on the barrel, and the iron grip frame indicative of the London factory. It also has a brass cone front sight, hammer notch rear sight, the stagecoach scene on the cylinder, standard patent markings, and matching visible serial numbers. It is fitted with a varnished walnut grip.
CONDITION: Fine with distinct markings and inscriptions, 30% original blue finish, 40% original case colors, smooth gray and brown patina on the balance, minor marks and scratches, and generally fairly minor overall wear. The grip is very good and retains the majority of the original varnish and has mild dings and scratches, a few dents on the butt, and wear at the corners. Mechanically fine. Provenance: The Norm Vegely Collection.
Estimate: 25,000 - 37,500

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