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      LOT 1316
Colt Richards-Mason Cartridge Conversion Model 1860 Army Revolver - Serial no. 6737, 44 Colt CF cal., 8 inch round bbl., blue/casehardened/silver finish, walnut grips. Only around 2,100 of these Richards- Mason “conversions” were manufactured around 1877-1878 using a mixture of remaining Model 1860 Army parts and newly manufactured components. These revolvers were manufactured alongside the Single Action Army and are believed to have seen significant use in the Old West. The serial number is within the separate conversion range and is marked, full and partial, on the barrel, frame, trigger guard, butt, and cylinder. Unnumbered wedge. The barrel has a German silver blade front sight, ejector mounted on the right, and marked “COLT’S PT. F. A. MFG. Co. HARTFORD, CT. U.S.A.” on top. The
cylinder has the standard naval battle scene. The frame has 1871 and 1872 patent markings on the left, “44 CAL” marked on the left of the trigger guard and assembly number “872” marked on the loading gate. CONDITION: Very good, retains 20% original blue finish with smooth brown and gray patinas on the balance, some areas of light pitting, 85% factory silver finish on the trigger guard/front strap, and defined cylinder scene and markings in the metal. The front sight blade is slightly modified. The refinished grip is also very good, slightly undersized around the edges, with light wear and handling marks, and a few small chips at the corners. Mechanically fine. Estimate: 2,500 - 4,000
LOT 1317
Very Scarce Four-Screw Variant Colt Model 1851 Navy Percussion Revolver - Serial no.
LOT 1318
Cased Colt London Model 1849 Pocket Percussion Revolver - Serial no. 5472, 31 cal., 6 inch octagon bbl., blue/casehardened/silver finish, walnut grips. This classic Colt Model 1849 Pocket was manufactured in 1855 at Colt’s London factory and has London proofs, the two-line London barrel address, and an iron grip frame. It features all matching serial numbers. It comes in an English case lined in navy blue. The case contains a cleaning rod, niter blued L-shaped combination tool, brass Colt patent ball/bullet mold without sprue cutter, bag shaped James Dixon & Sons powder flask, Eley Bros. cap tin, key, wood rod, and a few balls and bullets.
CONDITION: Very good. The loading lever retains vibrant original case colors on the flats, a patch of bright original case colors at the serial number on the bottom of the frame, lighter original case colors also remain elsewhere on the frame, and there are patches of original silver plating on the grip straps. The balance has a mix of smooth gray and brown patina throughout. The cylinder scene and other markings remain crisp. The grip is fine and has some light dings and scratches and glossy varnish overall. Mechanically excellent. The case and accessories are generally very good with moderate age and storage related wear.
Provenance: The Norm Vegely Collection.
Estimate: 2,500 - 4,000
LOT 1319
Cased Colt Model 1855 Pocket
“Root” Percussion Revolver - Serial
no. 3990, 31 cal., 3 1/2 inch round bbl.,
blue finish, walnut grips. This revolver
was manufactured in 1861, the same
year the Civil War broke out, and is
the Model 5 variant of the Model 1855
“Root” revolver with a two-stage round
barrel and full-fluted cylinder in .31
caliber. The barrel has a cone front sight
and the two-line New York address. One
of the cylinder flutes and the pin have
the patent markings. The matching
serial number is marked on the bottom
of the barrel and butt as well as the
back of the cylinder. The case contains a
brass Colt pocket mold without sprue cutter, Eley cap tin, a few balls and bullets, an eagle pattern flask, screwdriver, and key.
CONDITION: Fine with 60% plus original blue finish, fading mainly on the top of the barrel and cylinder, light scratches, and mild overall wear.
The grip is also fine and has a spliced chip at the heel on the left, mild edge wear, some scratches and dings, and most of the original glossy
varnish. Mechanically fine. The case and accessories are very good and have mild age and storage related wear.
Provenance: The Norm Vegely Collection.
Estimate: 4,000 - 6,000 247
  72612, 36 cal., 7 1/2 inch octagon casehardened/silver finish, walnut grips. This revolver was manufactured in 1857, and is factory cut for a shoulder stock (not included) on the recoil shield and heel, long fourth screw in frame and has a sling swivel ahead of the trigger guard. The barrel has a brass cone front sight and the “-ADDRESS SAML COLT NEW-YORK CITY-” one-line address. The left side of the frame is marked “COLTS/PATENT.” Matching visible serial numbers are marked on the wedge, loading lever, cylinder pin, cylinder, barrel, frame, trigger guard, butt and handwritten in black ink inside the grip mortise. CONDITION: Very good with smooth brown patina and light wear overall on the iron surfaces, some scattered dings on the right around the wedge, scattered patches of light corrosion/pitting, traces of original case colors visible on the protected area of the loading lever, and 50% of the original silver plated finish with a tarnished appearance on the iron grip straps/trigger guard. Grip is also very good with numerous scattered dents and scratches, a small chipped area at the bottom left front corner, and light edge wear. Mechanically fine. Estimate: 3,500 - 5,500
bbl., blue/

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