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Attractive Engraved and Inlaid 16-Bore Flintlock Sporting
Gun - NSN, 16 gauge, 41 inch round bbl., blue/gold finish, walnut stock. This
Continental European sporting gun from around the second quarter of the 18th century
has a fire blued smoothbore barrel has a gilt brass blade front sight, long sighting
flat, inlaid brass stars patterns along with engraved moon and additional stars on the breech
end, and a rear sight groove in the humped breech tang. The brass lock plate has a maker’s mark that
appears to be the letters “IH” over a rooster partially covered by the frizzen spring. It also has a martial and disgorging mask engraving and a faceted priming pan. The furniture is gilt brass. The sideplate is a fine pierced scroll design with a green man mask. The heel finial has floral patterns. The stock has some Dutch style carved molding with floral accents. CONDITION: Fine with fading original fire blue finish mixed with smooth gray patina on the barrel, distinct star and moon designs at the breech, distinct designs on the lock and furniture, aged patina on the brass, absent front side nail, and minor overall wear. The refinished stock has a some minor cracks and repairs, distinct molding, and minor marks and scratches. Mechanically fine. Estimate: 5,500 - 8,500
LOT 1384
  LOT 1385
Ornate Engraved, Relief Carved, Silver Accented and Gilt Brass Mounted Combination Over/Under Single Lock Flintlock Combination Gun - NSN, 51 gauge, 35 inch part round bbl.,
fire blue/bright/gilt finish, walnut stock. This mid-18th century sporting gun has a straight rifled upper barrel and
smoothbore lower barrel and is fired via a single lock with a two-layer priming pan that automatically retracts when the
lock is re-cocked after the first shot. The flash for the second shot is transmitted down through the lock to the vent for the lower
barrel. There is a removable cover for that flash channel underneath the mainspring inside the lock. The cock and tumbler are not
bridled. It is certainly a very innovative and fascinating design, and it would be interesting to see how well it worked and if there was much of a “fuse effect” of the long flash channel for the lower barrel. Another impressive aspect of the craftsmanship of this gun is that the side panels that extend along the sides of the barrels are integral to the stock rather than separate pieces. The stock features very fine incised and raised
relief scroll carving and has horn tips on the forend panels. The ramrod is carried on the left, and a sling swivel is on the right. The upper barrel has a silver blade front sight with flush silver base, and raised silver designs involving a gentleman in contemporary sporting attire at the breech. Both of the fire blued barrels have decorative bands
at the transition points and breech ends, the latter with silver beaded accents. The rounded lock has a mask design on the fence of the priming pan and scroll patterns. There is a heart shaped marker’s mark that appears to be “iVB” or “iVR” under the frizzen spring with the last letter mostly covered. The furniture is gilt brass and is cast and chased with
scroll and floral patterns, a lion and lion mask design on the pierced side plate, and a coronet on the wrist escutcheon.
CONDITION: Fine with 50% plus of the niter blue style finish remaining on the barrel, mostly silver-gray patina on the lock, aged patina on the furniture, some pieces of furniture a little loose, and minor overall wear. The wood is fine and has crisp carving, some hairline cracks mainly in the forend, light scratches and dings, and general minor age and storage related wear.
Mechanically excellent.
286 Estimate: 4,500 - 7,000

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