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    LOT 1409
Historic T. Moro Signed Custom Engraved and Gold Inlaid U.S. Smith
& Wesson Model 1917 Double Action Revolver Inscribed to Renowned Outdoorsman, Innovator, and Big Game Hunter Elmer Keith with Relief Carved Eagle Grip - Serial no. 64328, 45 ACP cal., 5 1/2 inch round bbl., blue finish, carved grips. Originally a U.S. inspected martial revolver, this Model 1917 was subsequently elaborately custom embellished by T. Moro whose signature
is on the right side of the frame under the cylinder. The revolver was owned by Elmer Keith and his name is inscribed on the back strap. Beautiful relief floral scroll engraving on shaded background covers the frame and cylinder as well as a near 3 inch section on the barrel. A feather motif decorates the recoil shields, top strap and left side of the frame under the cylinder. The right side of the frame is signed and dated: “ENGR/BY/T. MORO/1974.” The back strap is inscribed “Elmer Keith.”The revolver is fitted with custom sights: a pinned blade front sight on
the original sight base and a fixed notch rear sight attached to the rear of the
top strap. These sights were likely added by Elmer Keith himself. It has standard U.S. Army Model 1917 markings, including the U.S. property barrel marking and “eagle/S9” frame proof. The right grip panel has a relief carved spread winged American eagle clutching an American shield. This revolver will letter as shipped on June 4, 1918 to the U.S. Government, Springfield Armory,
Springfield, Massachusetts.

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