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    LOT 1456
Grouping of Patches, Medals and Personal Effects from the First American Volunteer Group, aka The Flying Tigers
- 1) AVG 1st Pursuit Squadron patch, hand embroidered with a “winged tiger on V” device on a red field, with “A.V.G.” above
and “1st PUR.SQD” below, and a blue border with Chinese markings, mounted on a board backing. An included
note states it was acquired as part of a collection in London, England, “theater made, and probably one of a kind”, and “probably ex-Pistole” (Larry Pistole, author of “Pictoral History of the Flying Tigers” and noted collector of AVG artifacts). 2) China-Burma-India shield patch, with embroidered stars on a blue field on a red and white ribbon. An included note states that it made by hand in India by an American serviceman. 3) AVG patch, embroidered winged tiger on a blue field, with Chinese text above and “AVG” below. Similar to an example in “Pictoral History of the Flying Tigers.” 4) Grouping of medals and related items, including a U.S. Navy Good Conduct Medal and a 1st AVG photo
ID for George Folk Walters, who is identified as a clerk with the AVG and later a Yeoman aboard the battle damage repair vessel USS Diomedes (ARB-11). The ID bears the signature of Claire Chennault, leader of the Flying Tigers. Also included, but not individually identified, are two “flying tiger” pins, World War II medal, American Defense medal, and the Bronze Star.
CONDITION: Fine overall, with wear appropriate to age on the patches.
Provenance: The Putnam Green/Sycamore Collection.
Estimate: 2,500 - 4,000
LOT 1457
Grouping of Fourteen China-Burma-India Theater Unit Patches, Including Merrill’s
Marauders and Flying Tigers Patches - The grouping consists of 5 loose patches and 9
patches stitched to a black velvet backing, with the text “TO MARY/FROM CLAYTON/JANUARY
1945”; neither Mary nor Clayton are positively identified. Each patch is finely embroidered,
with all but the loose Merrill’s Marauders patch featuring metallic bullion wire. On the backing, each
patch has an embroidered identification, and includes patches for the Army Air Forces, Army Service Forces, Southeast Asia Command, Burma Road Engineers, China-Burma-India Theater, Merrill’s Marauders, 10th Air Force, 20th Bomber Command, and 8th Air Force. The loose patches include repeats of Merrill’s Marauders, the Army Air Forces and 8th Air Force patches, with a Flying Tiger patch on a cut out section of leather and an unidentified triangular patch showing 3 stars over a river delta.
CONDITION: Fine overall, with some minor handling marks.
Provenance: The Putnam Green/Sycamore Collection.
Estimate: 1,800 - 2,750
LOT 1458
Grouping of AVG/Flying Tiger Memorabilia, Including a Set
of Decorations from a Flying Tiger Combat Pilot - 1) A small banner, 7 1/4” wide and 52” long, blue on one side and white on the reverse, each with the text “IRIS- SOL/FLYING TIGERS/CHINA/1942- 1943” around Flying Tiger themed art. 2) Patch for the 76th Fighter Squadron, 23rd Fighter Group, one of the successor units to the AVG/ Flying Tigers. Shield shape with embroidered Chinese text on a blue field over a tiger head on a red and white field. 3) Booklet of pictures and text of Nationalist
Chinese aviation training (in Chinese, translation not supplied). 4) Group of artifacts attributed to Charles “Charlie” Mott of the AVG. Mott’s military career began as an engineer with the Army, before joining the Navy and becoming a carrier dive bomber. In 1941, he resigned his Navy commission to join the AVG, flying with the 2nd Squadron, where he would be shot down and captured. Released from captivity at the end of the war, he returned to the Navy, ending his career at the rank of Captain in 1963. In civilian life he worked as an aviation consultant, participating in the design of what would become the F-15, F-22 and A-10 aircraft. The set includes Mott’s ID tag from the AVG’s 50th anniversary reunion in 1991, a set of Naval “full bird” Captain insignia, a pair of Flying Tiger pins, two sets of Naval Aviator wings, small pins for the Purple Heart and Silver Star medals, ribbon bar for the Order of Blue Sky and White Sun (Nationalist Chinese), and a 3-line set of
U.S. ribbons.
CONDITION: Very fine overall.
Provenance: The Putnam Green/Sycamore Collection.
Estimate: 2,000 - 3,500
  LOT 1459
World War II Grouping
  Including an Attractive Identified Flying Tigers Banner - 1) Large silk banner embroidered
with American Volunteer Group (AVG), aka the “Flying Tigers,” insignia and the name G.F. Walters (roughly 30 x 34 inches). Only 311 individuals served in the AVG from July 4, 1941 to July 4, 1942, and per the AVG roster, George F. Walters served as a “clerk-administration” (see The AVG achieved tactical victories during a time when U.S. news reports were filled with stories of defeat and was credited with destroying nearly 300 enemy aircraft, while losing only 14 pilots. The AVG was absorbed into the U.S. Army Air Force in July 1942 as part of the 14th Air Force. 2) U.S. Army M1 helmet with painted camouflage pattern, a liner, and a sweat band hand marked “JOY” and “Roland Joy.” 3) Kukri with 13 inch blade and a leather sheath featuring a colored tooled China-Burma-India insignia. CONDITION: 1) Very fine showing slight wear. 2) Very good retaining much of the period painted camouflage. 3) Very good with the sharpened blade having some light pitting and a sheath with minor handling marks and worn tip. Provenance: The Putnam Green/Sycamore Collection. Estimate: 1,600 - 2,500

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