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rear sights specially designed to fold down for clearance underneath the included scope, an elaborate muzzle brake threaded to the muzzle, a cruciform spike bayonet (10 5/8” OAL, 7 1/2” spike) below, sheet metal bipod legs affixed behind the flash hider that fold rearwards to reside around the spike bayonet ahead of the foregrip, the trigger assembly is fitted with the second type vertical grip with brown bakelite grip panels and a variable setting sear that can fire semi- automatic from a closed bolt and full auto from an open bolt, permitting maximum accuracy in the former role and maximum cooling for the barrel in the latter, and is fitted with a laminated buttstock and one-piece ribbed hardwood forend. The Voigtlander ZF4 scope is finished in blue, with “Gw ZF4/33805/ddx.” marked next to a blue triangle and an “L” on the left side of the squared tubular body, with a rubber eyepiece and reproduction stamped two-piece clamp-on scope mount rings. The rifle is complete with an original FG42 magazine with a phosphate type finish and a “drooped wing eagle” inspection proof.
 This is very rare FG42 “Type III”, also referred to as a “Type G”, paratrooper rifle as manufactured by Krieghoff. Unlike the approximate first 2,000 “Type I/Type E” production FG42s with
forged manganese steel receivers, approximately 5,000 FG42s, including the “Type III/Type
G” and a small amount of “Type II/Type F”, were made with stamped receivers in part due to
resource issues as well as increasing manufacturing efficiency, and incorporated a few design improvements. These FG42s combine sheet metal stamped parts with fully machined parts like the MP43 and 44 series. The majority of the limited amount of surviving FG42s were destroyed at the end of World War II and very few examples of any type are known today, with surviving examples considered the pinnacle of collectible German machine guns. The top of the receiver is marked “fzs/U/FG42/04911”, with a Luftwaffe “drooped wing eagle” inspection/acceptance proof. Various components including the bolt are all correctly stamped “fzs”, the wartime code for Krieghoff. The bolt body, piston, charging handle and left of the buttstock are all matching numbered “4911”. Late war silver/gray phosphate type finish on most of the metal parts
except the barrel, rear sight and trigger which have a blue finish, and the bipod legs have a black painted finish. Features a set of flip-up blade front and flip-up elevation adjustable peep

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