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   LOT 1536
Rare Gold Inlaid Presentation DWM Model 1906 Commercial Navy Luger Semi-Automatic Pistol Rig with Holster - Serial no. 34052,
9 mm Luger cal., 5 3/4 inch round bbl., blue finish, walnut grips. This is a rare and exceptional DWM Model 1906 Navy Luger with the very rare gold
inlaid initials of “MLF” on top of the chamber. This same basic pattern was used all the way through WWI and even into the Weimar era. Although it was developed for military
use it was also sold as a commercial model during this same time period. Obviously in the case of this commercial model it was intended to be a presentation model made specifically for a high
ranking military official or a Political leader of some country, because it was embellished with the large intertwined gold initials “MLF” inlayed on top of the chamber area. This was a very common tactic
by DWM when they were courting foreign countries for a future military contract. It still retains the first pattern polished lower safety area (not altered to the second pattern, upper safety area) with the extractor marked ‘’CARGADO” (Spanish for “Loaded”), clearly giving credence that this was intended as a Presentation
Luger for a South American or Spanish speaking leader. This model is easily identified by the serial number range and the grip safety. The left side of the barrel extension, breech block and front toggle are marked with
  a single “Crown/B and Crown/U” proofmarks, and the underside of the barrel is also stamped with the “Crown/B”, “Crown/G and “Crown/U” proofmarks. It is correctly numbered in the commercial manner with the full serial number stamped on
the frame and underside of the barrel with the last two digits stamped on the various small parts. The two magazines
that are fitted with this pistol are original pre-war Navy Commercial versions that have the nickel plated body with
wooden bases that have the concentric circles on the sides and both are stamped on the base, “Cal/9 m/m”. Included
with a very rare early unmarked brown leather Navy pattern Commercial holster and takedown tool.
CONDITION: Excellent. The pistol retains 95% plus of the original blue finish with only a hint of edge wear in a couple
of places. The various small parts retain 85% plus of the original straw color, mostly in the protected areas. The grips are also
excellent with nice sharp checkering. All of the gold inlay on top of the chamber remains. Mechanically excellent. The holster is
very good with overall light marks and tight sticking. The leather straps that hold the belt strap have worn through. Certainly an exceptional scarce and rare DWM Model 1906 Commercial Presentation Navy Luger.
Estimate: 7,500 - 12,000
LOT 1537
Desirable DWM Model 1902 Commercial “Fat Barrel” Luger Semi-Automatic Pistol with Holster - Serial no. 23094, 9 mm Luger cal., 4 inch round bbl., blue/straw finish, walnut grips. The “Fat Barrel” Luger was a rare variation intermixed with the standard Model 1902 Luger production, and it is estimated that only about 600 were produced in total. The 1902 Lugers were manufactured in serial number ranges, approximately 22300-22400 and 22900-23500, and this pistol falls into the latter production group, manufactured just prior to the 1902 Danzig Test Lugers. The Model 1902 was the first Luger chambered for the 9 mm cartridge with a 4 inch barrel, and was generally intended for sales outside of Germany. The top of the chamber is blank and shows signs of refinishing, the front toggle has the DWM logo, the right of the barrel extension is unmarked and the left has the early commercial “crown/B” and “crown/U” proofs. The bottom of the barrel has the commercial “crown/B”, “crown/U,” and “crown/G” proofs along with the matching serial number, and the front of the frame is marked “GERMANY” under the serial number indicating sale outside of Germany, likely to the United States. It has the early recessed breech bolt, unmarked extractor, both the grip and thumb safety and the early dished toggles. The thumb safety functions in the upward position, and the lower safety lever area is polished bright. The magazine is the correct early version with a nickel plated body and walnut base marked “Cal. 9m/m” on the bottom. Fitted with a pair of checkered walnut grips. Includes a unique unmarked leather flap style holster. CONDITION: Excellent overall, retaining 90% plus original blue finish with brown patina on the chamber area, scattered light edge wear and handling marks, and 80% original straw finish on the small parts. The grips are also excellent with one small ding visible on the left panel and crisp checkering. The holster is fine. Mechanically excellent. Estimate: 5,000 - 7,500

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