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    LOT 3013
Outstanding Winchester Model 92 Lever Action Takedown
Rifle in .44-40 W.C.F. - Serial no. 927556, 44 WCF cal., 24 inch octagon bbl., blue finish, walnut stock. As the spiritual
successor of the Model 1873, the Model 1892 was
popular in the West for much the same reason, its
ability to be paired with a Colt Single Action Army revolver chambered in the same caliber. “Flayderman’s Guide to Antique American Firearms” pointed out, “The ‘92 was so
well made, functional, and attractive that many specimens still do service today in the hands of hunters and shooters.” Like its predecessors, the Model 1892 was a “working man’s gun” and thus surviving examples often display all the character of hard use. This classic example of a Model 92
rifle, however, remains in excellent condition. It was manufactured in the 1920s and is fitted with
a dovetail blade front sight and an elevation adjustable rear sight. The upper left barrel flat has the two-line Winchester legend ahead of the
rear sight and “44 WCF” at the breech. A Winchester factory oval proof is stamped on the barrel and receiver at the breech. The upper tang has the three- line model/trade mark information. The serial number is stamped on the underside of the frame. Mounted with plain walnut forearm and straight grip stock. The buttstock is
fitted with a crescent buttplate.
CONDITION: Excellent, retaining 97% original blue finish overall with some scattered light scratches on frame. The buttplate retains 85% original blue finish with thinning to brown on the balance. The wood is also excellent with minimal minor handling marks. Mechanically excellent. A highly attractive Winchester Model 92 rifle from the roaring twenties.
Provenance: The Ray Bentley Collection; Property of a Gentleman.
Estimate: 5,500 - 8,500
      LOT 3014
Exceptionally Fine Antique Winchester Model 1873 Lever Action Rifle in .44 W.C.F. with Factory Letter and N. Flayderman & Co. Letter - Serial no. 205582B, 44 WCF cal., 24 inch octagon bbl., blue finish, walnut stock. The included factory letter states the rifle was received in the warehouse on May 4, 1886 and shipped on May 5, along with three other rifles with the same specifications to the same order number with octagon barrel and plain trigger. It is a Third Model with integral dust cover guide and dust cover with serrations at the rear. The top of the barrel is marked with the standard two-line address/King’s patent marking and the “44 CAL” caliber marking at the breech, which is
repeated on the cartridge elevator. The upper tang is marked with the model designation and has one of the tang sight screw holes empty, while the serial number is on the lower tang. It is fitted with a German silver blade front sight and elevation adjustable semi-buckhorn rear sight. It is mounted with a smooth forearm and straight grip stock with a trapdoor crescent buttplate containing an included four-piece cleaning rod. Includes an N. Flayderman Co. Inc. letter stating that a rifle with these specifications had been previously purchased from them. CONDITION: Very good, retains 95% of the blue on the barrel, 85% of the original blue on the receiver, 60% of the original case colors, and 70% of the original nitre blue on the loading gate with the dust cover mostly a smooth grey patina. The wood is excellent with some scattered light handling marks. Mechanically excellent. Estimate: 5,000 - 7,500

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