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    LOT 3272
Unmarked Massive
Double Barrel Folding Knife
Pistol - NSN, 46 cal., 5 5/8 inch round
 LOT 3275
bbl., bright finish, stag grips. This double barrel knife pistol is similar
in appearance to other examples which often bear Liege proofs,
except that those knife pistols often exhibit a blade which
folds downward, locking into the area where the triggers are
housed. This example is entirely unmarked and appears to have been
a one-off creation of unknown age and origin. It features somewhat crude smoothbore barrels of
approximately .46 caliber or 12mm, a 5 1/4 inch folding spearpoint knife blade that folds upward
between the barrel, corkscrew triggers that unfold when the hammers are cocked, and stag grip scales. CONDITION: Very fine with mostly bright metal surfaces, some minor oxidation, and general mild wear. The grip scales are also very fine with some mild wear. The firearm mechanisms are fine. The knife blade does not secure closed, is difficult to open, and has a notch near the base. A very interesting piece that would have had its carrier prepared for almost any situation!
Estimate: 3,250 - 4,500
moderate overall wear. Mechanically fine. Estimate: 2,000 - 3,000
LOT 3274
Unusual Underhammer Percussion Folding Knife Pistol - Serial no. 19, 36 cal., 3 1/2 inch round bbl., bright finish, ebony grips. This combination folding pocket knife and underhammer percussion pistol is unmarked aside from “19” inside on the trigger. It is 9 1/2 inches with the blade closed and 14 1/8 inches with the blade open. The knife blade is 5 inches, including the ricasso. The scales are ebony. The cannon shaped barrel is smoothbore but has false rifling at the muzzle.
CONDITION: Very good with mottle gray patina overall and some light pitting. The scales are also very good and have minor handling and storage wear. The mainspring is soft, but it is otherwise mechanically fine.
Estimate: 2,000 - 3,000
Rare Halamek Percussion Knife Pistol with Scabbard - NSN, 31 cal., 3 1/2 inch round bbl., bright finish, antique ivory grips. This interesting 19th century combination weapon from Karlin, Prague. The smoothbore pistol barrel has “HALA/MEK” on top of the breech end and “IN KAROLINENTHAL.” in silver inlay on top. The bolster has an engraved rabbit/hare on the right and a dog on the left. The hammer is also sculpted as a dog. The 7 3/4 inch clip point knife blade runs along the bottom of the barrel. The German silver hilt includes the trigger and smooth scales and simple shell pattern accents on the pommel. The maroon leather scabbard has German silver fittings and holds the ramrod.
CONDITION: Fine with mostly bright polished blade, some minor oxidation staining, and aged patina on the German silver. The scales are also fine and have attractive natural grain and aged color. The scabbard is also fine and has mild wear mainly at the edges. Mechanically fine.
Estimate: 3,000 - 4,500
LOT 3276
Double Barrel Bowie Knife Pistol with Engraved German Silver Grips - NSN, 36 cal., 3
inch round bbl., bright finish, German silver grips. This late 19th century knife pistol is similar to the more common Dumonthier knife pistols in design but features a 8 inch clip point blade and a longer grip with German silver scales engraved with scrollwork.
CONDITION: Fine with mottled gray patina, mild pitting, attractively aged patina on the German silver grip, and crisp engraving. Mechanically fine.
Estimate: 2,500 - 4,000
LOT 3277
W. Watson Double Barrel Percussion Knife Pistol with Ornate Silver Plated Grips - NSN, 36 cal., 3 1/8 inch round bbl., bright finish, metal grips. The only marking is “V[crown]R/W. WATSON/ INVENTOR” on the left side under the scroll pattern grip. The pistol mechanism is designed with a single folding trigger. The blade is 8 inches long.
CONDITION: Good with dark gray and brown patina and moderate pitting. The grips are mostly bright with traces of aged silver plating remaining in the protected areas. Mechanically needs work. Estimate: 1,800 - 2,750
    LOT 3273 Unusual Engraved Liege Proofed Fixed Blade Double Barrel Percussion Knife Pistol - NSN, 31 cal., 3 1/8 inch round bbl., bright finish, metal grips. This interesting 19th century combination sidearm has a fixed 7 1/4 inch blade, a pair of smoothbore barrels with Liege proofs, folding triggers, and scroll and hunting scene engraved German silver scales over thicker horn scales. CONDITION: Good with mottled gray and brown patina on the iron, mild oxidation, edge wear on the blade, aged patina and crisp engraving on the German silver, some insect damage on the horn, and

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