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Scarce Massachusetts Arms Co. Wesson & Leavitt Dragoon Percussion Revolver - Serial no. 109, 40 cal., 7 1/8 inch round bbl., blue/casehardened finish, walnut grips. Manufactured from 1850 to 1851 with total production of approximately 800. Production was halted due to a patent infringement suit won by Colt. “WESSON’S & LEAVITT’S PATENT” marked on the action, patent marking on the rear cylinder face and Mass. Arms address on the top strap. “109” is marked on the front of the frame, underside of the back strap, rear of the frame, and front face of the grip. “199” is marked on the top strap lug. CONDITION: Very good, retains 30% original blue and casehardened finishes with the balance primarily a smooth grey patina and some scattered patches of light pitting. The grips are fine with some scattered minor dings throughout, a minor chip absent from the left toe, and some minor hammering marks on the butts. Mechanically excellent. Provenance: The Phillip Otto Clark Collection. Estimate: 4,000 - 6,000
LOT 3290
Rare Patriotically Engraved W.W. Marston Breech Loading Percussion Pistol - Serial no. 103, 36 cal., 7 inch part octagon bbl., bright/blue finish, walnut grips. This early 1850s pistol is based on William W. Marston’s patent no. 7,443 from June 18, 1850, for a piston breech firearms design. It has a six-groove rifled, part-octagon barrel with a dovetailed nickel silver blade front sight, “W.W. MARSTON/PATENTED 1850” and “NEW-YORK” stamped on the top flat, “CAST-STEEL” on the upper right flat, and the serial number on the bottom. The serial number is also repeated on the bottom of the brass frame at the breech and hand-written inside the grips. The right grip also has a label from the Richard G. Gooding Collection. A notch rear sight is fitted into the top of the frame. The frame and hammer have scroll engraving, and a spread wing eagle, laurel branch, and arrow motif is engraved on the left. CONDITION: Very good with traces of original blue finish on the trigger guard and otherwise smooth gray patina on the iron, some minor pitting, attractive aged patina on the frame, crisp engraving, and minor overall wear. The grips are fine and have some light marks and scratches and smooth oiled finish. Mechanically excellent. Provenance: The Richard G. Gooding Collection; Property of a Gentleman. Estimate: 3,000 - 4,500
LOT 3291
Scarce Massachusetts Arms Co. Wesson & Leavitt Dragoon Percussion Revolver - Serial no. 244, 40 cal., 7 1/8 inch round bbl., blue/casehardened finish, walnut grips. Reportedly, only approximately 800 Dragoon Model Wesson & Leavitt revolvers were manufactured by the Massachusetts Arms Company in 1850-1851 based on patents by Edwin Wesson and Daniel Leavitt until a patent infringement suit won by Colt halted production. Leavitt’s patent was granted less than a year after Colt, and well before Colt had become a successful arms manufacturer, and related to the beveled face on these firearms which directs the flash away from the other chambers to help prevent chain fires. Daniel Wesson, continuing his brother’s business after his death in 1849, later went on to form Smith & Wesson, Colt’s main competitor in the revolving firearms market, with Horace Smith who was also involved in the Mass. Arms Co. The matching number “244” is visible on the barrel lug and recoil shield. Features a brass blade front sight, small notch rear sight, and a smooth varnished walnut grip. CONDITION: Very good with mostly smooth gray and brown patina overall, scattered patches of light pitting on the cylinder, golden aged patina on the brass trigger guard, and clear markings in the metal. The grip is also very good with scattered dents and scratches, and some chips visible around the lock. Mechanically fine. Estimate: 2,000 - 3,000
Scarce Massachusetts Arms Co. Maynard Primed Belt Percussion Revolver with Manually Revolved Cylinder - Serial no. 205, 31 cal., 6 inch round bbl., blue/casehardened/silver finish, walnut grips. Only around 1,000 of the Maynard primed belt revolvers were manufactured from 1850 to 1851. Of these, 200 are known to have been purchased by John Brown in 1857 for use in his violent opposition to the expansion of slavery in “Bleeding Kansas” in the antebellum era. A small button ahead of the trigger releases the cylinder stop so the revolver can be turned by hand. It features a rounded blade front sight, “MASS. ARMS CO./CHICOPEE FALLS” on the top strap, “NOV. 26. 1850” on the barrel latch, “146” on the barrel lug, floral and martial etching on the cylinder, “205” on the recoil shield, scroll and floral engraving on the frame and primer door, “MAYNARD’S PATENT/ SEP. 22. 1845.” on the primer door around an eagle and shield motif, silver plated grip straps and trigger guard, and smooth walnut grip. Two strands of Maynard primer tape, age unknown, are inside the primer compartment. CONDITION: Fine with 85% plus original silver plating taking on a natural aged patina, strong original blue finish concentrated on the breech end of the barrel, the barrel latch, and the primer door, strong original case colors on the bottom of the frame by the trigger, traces of original case colors elsewhere, some mild pitting concentrated by the nipple and vent holes, and mild handling and storage wear. The grip is also fine and has mostly smooth surfaces, mild handling wear, smoothed small chip at the tail of the lock, and some scratches and marks. Mechanically fine. Provenance: The Phillip Otto Clark Collection. Estimate: 1,600 - 2,500
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