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  LOT 3312
Very Scarce Allen & Wheelock Lipfire Revolving Rifle - NSN, 44 Lipfire cal., 24 1/8 inch part octagon bbl., blue finish, walnut stock. Flayderman’s Guide lists less than 100 of these as estimated to have been manufactured c. 1861-1863 and note: “Based on the Army Model Center Hammer Lipfire revolver, Allen & Wheelock was attempting to add still another variation of firearm to their diverse
line. The result for today’s collector was one of the scarcest of revolving rifles.” Like other known examples, there
are no identifying markings. This one does not appear to have a serial number. It is fitted with a Beach style combination
blade and globe front sight and an elevation adjustable notch rear sight. The trigger guard operated the ejector rod. The nicely figured stock has a checkered wrist and crescent buttplate. CONDITION: Very good with dark brown patina overall, some mild oxidation, and general mild overall wear. The wood is very fine and has distinct checkering, attractive
 figure, and some light scratches and dings. Mechanically fine. You almost never get the opportunity to see one of these let alone add one to your collection. Do not miss out! Estimate: 7,500 - 12,000
  LOT 3313
Fine Civil War Era Allen & Wheelock
Army Model Center Hammer Percussion Revolver - Serial no. 151, 44 cal.,
7 1/2 inch part octagon bbl., blue finish, walnut grips. This is an example of a Civil War production Allen & Wheelock Army revolver that was manufactured in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1861-1862. Some estimates
suggest Allen & Wheelock only manufactured approximately 700 of these center hammer revolvers and the Ordnance Department purchased 536 Allen revolvers in 1861; all are presumed to be .44 Army revolvers. Revolvers sold on the civilian
market during the Civil War were still used during the war as privately purchased sidearms. The left side of the part octagon barrel is stamped with “ALLEN & WHEELOCK. WORCESTER. MASS. U.S./ALLEN’S PT’S. JAN.13.DEC.15.1857.SEPT.7.18.” The serial number “151” is stamped on the inside of the trigger guard, rear face of the
cylinder, cylinder rod, side of the hammer, underside of the sideplate, left side of the grip frame, and underside of both grip panels.
CONDITION: Fine, retains 50% original bright blue finish flaking to smooth brown and gray patina on the balance, with 90% vivid original case colors on the hammer and trigger guard lever. Grips are also fine with most of the original varnish, some scattered dings and scratches, areas of crazing around the bottom, and defined edges. Mechanically excellent.
Provenance: The Phillip Otto Clark Collection.
Estimate: 2,500 - 4,000
LOT 3314
Fine Civil War U.S.
Contract E. Remington & Sons
New Model Army Percussion Revolver - Serial no. 69072,
44 cal., 8 inch octagon bbl., blue finish, walnut grips. Remington’s revolvers
were the second most widely issued by the Union throughout the Civil War. The New
Model Army was manufactured from 1863-1875 and represents the last of Remington’s
.44 caliber percussion revolvers. “PATENTED SEPT. 14. 1858/E. REMINGTON & SONS. ILION NEWYORK.U.S.A./NEW-MODEL” marked in three lines on the top barrel flat. Threaded “pinched” blade front sight and top strap groove rear sight. Matching serial numbers located on the barrel, trigger guard finial (hidden, requires disassembly), left of the grip frame, and very faintly handwritten on the underside of both grip panels. The cylinder is unnumbered. Single letter sub-inspection marks
located on various components. Boxed script “BH” (Benjamin Hannis) inspection
cartouche stamped on the left grip panel.
CONDITION: Fine, retains 60% original blue finish overall with smooth gray and
brown patina on the balance, some scattered patches of oxidation, traces of original
case coloring on the hammer, and a sharp barrel address. Re-oiled grips are fine
with scattered dents and scratches, some small chips along the bottom edges visible
underneath the finish, and a light but visible cartouche. Mechanically excellent.
Provenance: Eric Vaule; Property of a Gentleman.
Estimate: 1,600 - 2,500
LOT 3315
Scarce Civil War Era Allen & Wheelock Side
Hammer Navy Percussion Revolver - Serial no. 549,
36 cal., 8 inch octagon bbl., blue finish, walnut grips. Manufactured
by Allen & Wheelock of Worcester, Massachusetts, c. 1858-1861. The
revolver is one of approximately 750 second types manufactured, with a
spring loaded catch for the trigger guard/loading lever. The revolver has a full octagon
barrel with dovetail mounted nickel silver front sight, six-shot cylinder roll engraved with
a woodland game scene and two-piece walnut grips. The barrel and frame have a high
polish blue finish. The cylinder, hammer and trigger guard are casehardened. Matching serial number “549” stamped on the left of the grip frame, trigger guard/loading lever, cylinder, cylinder pin, underside of the sideplate, and on the inside of both grips.
CONDITION: Very good, retains strong traces of original blue finish visible in protected areas with mostly brown patina, half of the vivid original case colors on the hammer and protected area of the loading lever, and a sharp cylinder scene. Grips are also very good with numerous scattered mild scratches and handling marks, crazing, and defined edges. One absent percussion nipple. Mechanically fine.
Estimate: 1,600 - 2,500

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