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   LOT 3325
Exceptional Civil War U.S. Starr Model 1863 Single Action Percussion Revolver - Serial no. 39794, 44 cal., 8 inch round bbl., blue finish, walnut grips. The Starr Arms Co. Model 1863 Army revolver was one of
the most widely issued revolvers of the American Civil War alongside the Colt Model 1860 Army and the Remington New Model Army. Most show signs of significant use, but this revolver from c. 1864 remains in exceptional condition. It has the standard Starr markings along with single letter U.S. Ordnance sub-inspection marks. Matching visible serial numbers located on the front of the frame below the loading lever, inside
the hammer well, barrel, cylinder, and on the left of both grip straps. “23352” stamped on top of the period replacement one-piece walnut grip with a single letter “D” sub-inspection mark on the butt of the grip.
 CONDITION: Exceptionally fine, retains 85% plus original blue finish with smooth gray patina on the grip straps, some scattered scratches and light freckling, and 75% plus vibrant original case colors on the hammer with smooth gray patina on the balance of the casehardened surfaces. The replacement grip is fine, with some scattered mild dents and handling marks, four pin-sized holes on the left likely where a plaque once resided, and smooth oiled finish. Mechanically excellent. This attractive Civil War Starr Model 1863 Army revolver is in a high state of condition compared to the majority of surviving examples seen today.
Estimate: 7,500 - 11,000
LOT 3326
Scarce Documented Civil War Starr Arms Navy Model 1858 Double Action Revolver Formerly of the Stagecoach Gun Museum Collection - Serial no. 1786, 36 cal., 6 inch round bbl., blue finish, walnut grips. Introduced in 1858, the Starr Double Action was procured by the U.S. Government circa 1861-1862, with the Ordnance Department acquiring the lion’s share (1902 out of approximately 3000) in 44 caliber for use by the Army. While the Navy did successfully order 60 directly, the bulk of their Starr revolvers were purchased via commercial markets and as such, lack ordnance inspection markings. The revolver has a high polish blue finish on the barrel, six-shot cylinder, frame, trigger guard and back strap. The loading lever, trigger and hammer have a color casehardened finish. The one-piece grip is oil finished walnut. The round barrel has a dove- tail mounted, iron half-moon, front sight. The rear sight is a groove in the hammer. The right side of the frame is roll-stamped: “STARR ARMS. CO. NEW YORK. NEW YORK.” below the cylinder. The opposite side of the frame is roll-stamped: “STARR’S PATENT JAN. 15, 1856.” in one line. The serial number is stamped on the side of the cylinder and in the frame hammer slot. The revolver has no Ordnance Department or U.S. Navy final inspection or sub-inspection marks. Originally in the Stagecoach Gun Museum collection as inventory number 281 and pictured in the book of collection on page 136. CONDITION: Very fine. The revolver retains 80% plus of the bright original blue and casehardened finish with minor wear. The high polish blue finish shows some flaking on the right side of the barrel, the cylinder and the bottom of the trigger guard. The finish has flaked off the grip straps which have a smooth gray patina. The loading lever, hammer and trigger retain nearly all of the original finish with strong case colors. The grip is very good with several small chips and dents in the left heel and a number of minor handling marks. This is a very good example of a scarce, limited production Civil War revolver from am iconic collection. Provenance: The Stagecoach Museum Collection; The Phillip Otto Clark Collection. Estimate: 5,000 - 7,500

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