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LOT 3351
Exceptional Presentation Cased Colt London Factory Engraved Model 1851 Navy Percussion Revolver with Rare Gold-Plated Trigger Guard and Backstrap - Serial
no. 6666, 36 cal., 7 1/2 inch octagon bbl., blue/casehardened/gold finish, highly figured varnished walnut grips. This factory engraved and cased Colt London Model 1851 Navy revolver was manufactured in 1854. The revolver has a high-polish blue finish on the barrel and cylinder, casehardened loading lever, frame and hammer and rarely encountered gold plated trigger guard and backstrap. The grip is highly figured walnut with a high gloss, varnished, piano finish. The top of the barrel has an engraved panel that contains the legend “-ADDRESS. COL:COLT.LONDON -”. “COLT’S PATENT” is hand engraved in a banner on the left side of the frame. The cylinder is decorated with the roll-engraved naval scene and “COLT’S PATENT”. British “Crown/V” and “Crown/GP” proof marks are stamped on the left
side of the barrel lug ahead of the wedge and between the cylinder chambers. The serial number “6666” is stamped on the loading lever, barrel, barrel wedge, cylinder arbor pin, frame, trigger guard, backstrap and cylinder. All of the visible serial numbers match. A punch mark that denotes special finish is stamped below the serial number on the frame, trigger guard and backstrap. The revolver is expertly engraved with finely executed scrollwork on the frame, barrel, barrel wedge, loading lever, hammer, trigger guard and backstrap. The
top of the hammer is engraved with fish scales and eyes and the sides are engraved with scrollwork. The quality of the engraving is fully equal to that executed by the Gustave Young shop on Hartford Colt revolvers. The revolver is fitted with a varnished mahogany American style case lined with green felt. The case has brass reinforced corners and lock escutcheon and the lid has an oval brass disk with folding handle. The case is complete with a blued L-shaped screwdriver/nipple wrench, black lacquered Eley percussion cap tin with green paper label, two-cavity brass bullet mold with blued steel sprue cutter, James Dixon & Sons bag shaped powder flask with lanyard ring, James Dixon & Sons oiler, package of Colt Navy pistol seamless skin cartridges, steel cleaning rod with wooden head, small carved wooden container with six extra percussion nipples and key. The case lid has an instruction sheet entitled “DIRECTIONS FOR LOADING COLT’S PISTOLS.” glued to the inside. The powder flask has a brown lacquer body, gold-plated top and charger and niter blue spring. The top of which is marked “COLTS NAVY FLASK” in a half circle and “JAMES DIXON/& SONS/SHEFFIELD.” The charger is graduated “4/8”, “5/8” and “6/8” drams.

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