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LOT 3353
Extremely Fine Cased
Early Factory Engraved
Colt Model 1849 Pocket
Percussion Revolver -
Serial no. 39511, 31 cal., 6
inch octagon bbl., blue/casehardened/silver finish, deluxe factory walnut grips. This revolver was manufactured in 1852,
the same year engraver Thomas J. Barlow contacted Samuel Colt about employment. He engraved for Colt for a brief period c. mid 1852- early 1854, and this style of engraving has been
attributed to Barlow based on his prior work with Blunt & Syms in New York as discussed in “Colt Engravers of the Nineteenth Century” by Herbert G. Houze. The engraving covers the rear 1/3 of the barrel, the side flats of
the loading lever arm, the frame, the hammer, the trigger guard bow, and the top and bottom of the back strap. Most of the engraving consists of scroll engraving with tighter “donut scroll” designs than the work of the
German immigrant engravers soon after employed by Colt and has crosshatched backgrounds. The “COLTS/PATENT” marking on the frame is inscribed within a banner, and “Saml Colt” is inscribed on the top of the barrel in script. The revolver features post and hammer notch sights, the stagecoach hold-up scene on the cylinder, matching serial numbers, the factory “.” marking by the main serial numbers denoting factory engraving, and a nicely figured and high polish varnish finished grip. It comes in a fitted case with several lead balls and bullets, an early style “COLTS/PATENT” brass ball and bullet mold, Eley Bros. cap tin, cartridge pack, L-shaped combination screwdriver and nipple wrench, key, and a double sided eagle powder flask.
CONDITION: Very fine. The engraving and markings remain crisp throughout. The barrel retains 75% of the original bright blue finish, and the cylinder retains 50% of the original blue finish and has distinct cylinder scene. The casehardened components display a smoky French gray coloration. 98% plus of the period replated silver plating remains on both the front strap and the back strap, and the silver now exhibits a very attractive and dark aged patina. Five notches are visible under the silver plating on the front grip strap. The grip is very fine and has the vast majority of the original varnish, attractive striped figure, light lower edge wear, and mild handling and storage marks. Mechanically excellent. Aside from the absent keyhole escutcheon, the case is also very fine and has minor age and storage related wear. The flask is fine and has strong detail, some dents, and minor pitting on the iron. The other accessories are also fine and have minor wear from age and storage. The Model 1849 Pocket was Samuel Colt’s most popular model and helped make him a household name, and the early factory engraved ‘49 Pockets were used by Colt to enhance his company’s reputation and appeal to wealthy and influential customers. This revolver is certainly one of the earliest engraved ‘49 Pockets in the market today and will enhance any collection of antique arms.
Estimate: 7,500 - 12,000

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