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 An included letter from Arnold Chernoff states that he acquired some of the arms from the museum, referring to the previously mentioned museum letter as proof of purchase. The top barrel flat is marked with the two-line Colt’s patent and address markings. The matching serial number is marked on the butt, bottom of the barrel, and the cylinder (“3” stamped backwards on cylinder). It is fitted with a German silver pin front sight, frame top groove rear sight, and a smooth walnut one-piece grip. Includes a unique maple presentation style case lined with red velvet, Eley Bros. cap tin, “double eagle” powder flask, dual-cavity Colt’s patent mold, screwdriver, key, a package of combustible cartridges, and some balls/bullets.
CONDITION: Extremely fine, retains 80% of the original high polish blue finish and strong traces of
the original case colors on the hammer and loading lever with the balance having thinned to mostly
a smooth grey patina. The grip is very fine with some scattered light handling marks and retaining most of the varnish. Mechanically
excellent. The case is fine with a few hairline age cracks and some light handling/storage wear. These early Colt Model 1855 revolvers are rare
in any condition, making an exceptional example like this from the Colt factory collection a must-have for the advanced collector!
Provenance: The Colt Factory Collection; The Museum of Connecticut History; The Arnold M. Chernoff Collection; The George S. Lewis Jr. Collection. Estimate: 18,000 - 27,500

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