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   LOT 3389
Rare Dreyse Needlefire Self-Cocking
Revolver - Serial no. 5104, 35 cal., 4 inch
octagon bbl., blue finish, walnut grips. Most famous for its use in the
Dreyse rifle, this self-cocking revolver applies the needle-fire concept
on a smaller scale. The cylinder is not completely bored through for
loading from the breech and instead has a small hole in the rear face
of each chamber. Loads from the front with paper cartridges. The needle extends
through the hole puncturing the cartridge and striking an enclosed mercury primer
which in turn ignites the powder charge. Blade and notch sights, “v. DREYSE SOMMERDA.”
on the top strap, “Cal: 0,35” on the right of the frame, light coverage factory engraving on side of the frame and trigger guard, matching serial numbers on the frame, cylinder, bolt housing, and grip, scroll engraving and silver wire inlays, checkered grip, and lanyard ring. Fitted with a contoured one-piece checkered grip with a lanyard ring on the butt.
CONDITION: Very fine, retains 75% plus original blue
finish with some scattered moderate handling marks,
scattered minor freckling, a mild cylinder drag line,
and crisp markings and edges in the metal. Grip is
fine with crisp checkering, a crack running through
the left screw, and scattered light scratches and dings.
Mechanically needs work, the action cycles although
the needle is broken/absent and the sear mechanism
does not function properly.
Estimate: 5,000 - 7,000
LOT 3390
Exceptional Finely Engraved English Double
Action Bar Hammer Percussion Pepperbox
Pistol - NSN, 36 cal., 3 inch solid rib bbl.,
casehardened finish, walnut grips. Produced
without sights, with floral scroll engraving on the frame, hammer, trigger guard, pommel and screws, Birmingham proofs in the flutes. “IMPROVED/ REVOLVING PISTOL” inscribed on the right of the frame. Casehardened barrels, frame, hammer and butt pommel, and niter blue finished trigger, trigger guard and sliding safety mechanism.
CONDITION: Excellent, retains 90% vivid original case colors with some slight fading on the barrels, 80% plus original niter blue finish, and sharp engraving overall. The grip is very fine with some scattered light scratches and dings, and a few small chips to the right of the lower tang. A crack is visible on the right side of the hammer. Mechanically excellent.
Estimate: 2,250 - 3,500
LOT 3391
Cased Engraved Joseph Lang
Swivel Breech Box Lock Percussion
Pistol - NSN, 43 cal., 1 1/4 inch
round bbl., blue/bright finish, walnut
grips. Manufactured circa 1840-1852.
Signed “LANG/7./HAYMARKET” on
the left sideplate, with “LONDON”
and “PATENT” on either side of the
swiveling breech with London proofs.
Featured fine floral and scroll pattern
engraving, a sliding safety and a
finely checkered grip with silver wrist
escutcheon signed with fancy script
initials. The case has a reproduction
Collins label underneath the lid and contains a flask, cap tin, oiler, balls, “42” marked ball mold and nipple wrench. CONDITION: Fine, retains 98% refinished blue finish on the barrels, bright polished iron breech, frame and hammer, 95% refinished niter blue finish on the small parts, some minor flash pitting visible, and defined engraving. The refinished grip is also fine with some light handling marks, light surface crazing and mostly defined checkering. Mechanically excellent. Estimate: 1,600 - 2,500
LOT 3392
Fine Antique Relief Carved Miniature European Percussion Pistol - NSN, 35 cal., 3 1/2 inch octagon bbl., blue/casehardened finish, walnut stock. This fully functional miniature European pistol appears to have been manufactured in the mid 1800s by a skilled maker, and has no external maker markings visible, with a German silver bead front sight on the blue finished barrel, with a casehardened lock, hammer and barrel tang, silver furniture, brass tipped iron ramrod, and floral relief carvings in the walnut stock. CONDITION: Fine, retains 70% original blue finish with areas thinning to a smooth brown patina, strong traces of original case colors visible with smooth gray and brown patina, scattered light freckling on the iron surfaces, a deformed area on the lock that appears to have been cast that way, with defined edges in the metal overall. The refinished stock is also fine with defined recut carving, some cracks visible on the underside, and some scattered light handling marks. Mechanically fine. Estimate: 1,600 - 2,500
LOT 3393
Blunt & Syms
Ring Trigger
Pistol with
Box and
- Serial no. 74,
26 cal., 1 5/8
inch solid rib
bbl., blue finish,
walnut grips.
“R-C” marked
on the face
of the muzzle
along with “74”
which is also
on the head of
the revolving
cylinder screw,
and the left of
the grip frame
underneath the
grip panel. Floral
scroll pattern
engraving on
the frame.
Includes an unmarked box containing a flask, L-shaped combination tool, ball mold and rammer. CONDITION: Fine, retains 50% plus original blue finish flaking to smooth gray patina on the balance, with sharp engraving. The grips are excellent with a few light handling marks and defined edges. Mechanically excellent. The box is good with mild wear and some torn edges on the lid, and the accessories are fine.
Estimate: 1,800 - 2,750

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