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 LOT 3405 Unique Documented Engraved Fisher Boss Double Barrel Flintlock Shotgun - NSN, 22
gauge, 28 1/2 inch solid rib bbl., brown/casehardened/blue finish, walnut stock. Fisher Boss, second son of William Boss and elder brother to Thomas Boss who would go
on to establish the world famous gunmaking firm of Boss & Co., followed his
father into gunmaking. Not a great deal is known about Fisher beyond that he was baptized on November 23, 1788, in the Parish of St. Ann’s, Blackfriars, London. We know he was a gunsmith from the Last Will and Testament of his father William who stated “I first give a set of tools in my trade as a Gunsmith to my son Fisher Boss to be selected by my son
and Executor William Boss (William’s first son and elder brother to Fisher and Thomas) from my workshop as soon as my said son Fisher Boss shall have attained his age of twenty-one years”. With the will being proved in 1809 and Fisher almost 21 years of age when his father died, it can
only be surmised that perhaps Fisher made this gun as a one off piece or actually went into business for a short time with a likely date of manufacture of circa 1810. See Donald Dallas, “Boss & Co., Best Gunmakers”, 2nd Edition, pp. 14-15 with the gun illustrated on p. 15. With
browned Damascus barrels with concave rib, bead front sight and recessed patent breeches, the breeches each with gold lined touch hole and
a gold inlaid line, the rib section between engraved with stylized foliage. Casehardened foliate scroll engraved standing breech and flat beveled locks, the locks each engraved with small game birds and with pierced cock, stepped tail, raised waterproof priming pan, roller frizzen and signed “F. BOSS”. Engraved furniture including trigger plate with pineapple finial, and blued trigger guard and heel plate. The bow of the trigger guard and tang of the heel plate each with small vignette respectively involving a dog flushing a pheasant and a two partridge. Well-figured walnut half-length stock with checkered grip and forearm, the wrist inset with a small vacant silver initial escutcheon. Brass mounted wooden ramrod. CONDITION: Very good. The refinished barrels have been struck off prior to rebrowning resulting in the proof marks on the underside of the breech ends being very worn, potentially such striking off could have removed a barrel or rib signature. The breeches, standing breech and locks each have traces of original casehardened finish. The engraving is clear throughout. Both cocks are replacements with crisp engraving and strong casehardened finish. The stock has attractive patina, scattered age related storage and handling marks and bruises, crisp checkering and a small insert repair to the left edge of the forearm within the checkering. The trigger guard and heel plate have 75% of the older reblued finish and clear engraving. Later ramrod. Mechanically excellent. Estimate: 4,000 - 6,500
   forward on the barrel to fire the first shot, and the rear lock sits back in the normal position to fire the second shot. With this rifle’s arrangement, having
both locks at full-cock would be risky since the rear shot could accidentally be fired prior to the first. It was probably intended to be used with both secure at
half-cock and then have the cocks be brought to full-cock one at a time. The barrel
has seven-groove rifling, a dovetailed silver blade front sight, dovetailed notch rear sight, and platinum vent liners. The left lock is secured to the barrel by a screw, and the screw to secure the right lock is concealed underneath. The locks are signed “C.L. V.D. FECHT.” (right) and “IN BERLIN” (left) in gold and have border engraving. The stock has a horn forend cap, scrolling trigger guard, checkered wrist, rounded cheekpiece, silver wire inlays, a niter blue heel plate, and a wooden patchbox lid. Ramrod absent. CONDITION: Very fine with 75% original brown finish, 60% original case colors, bright original gold and platinum, aged patina on the silver, strong blue and straw colors on the standing breech and heel plate, and general mild wear including some oxidation. The stock is also very fine and has crisp checkering, scattered dings and scratches, and some edge wear. Mechanically fine. The writer cannot recall another example quite like this. Truly unique! Estimate: 4,000 - 6,000
LOT 3407
Plug Bayonet with Scabbard - Likely German or Austrian in origin, this plug bayonet has a turned horn grip, gilt brass fittings, 13 5/8 inch blade with deep fuller and unclear markings, and a scabbard with gilt brass fittings. CONDITION: Good with moderate oxidation on the blade, mix of gilt finish and aged patina on the brass, and minor wear on the grip. The partially re-wrapped scabbard is also good with heavy wear and loose throat. Estimate: 2,000 - 3,000
 LOT 3406
Very Unique Finely Engraved, Silver and Gold Inlaid Christian Ludwig von der Fecht Superposed Load Flintlock Jager Rifle - NSN, 60 cal., 22 1/2 inch octagon bbl., brown/casehardened/niter blue finish, walnut stock. This rifle by Christian Ludwig von der Fecht (1769-1827) is a very rare example of a civilian hunting rifle designed for superposed loads. The rifle has two locks and two triggers. The left lock sits further

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