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    LOT 3431
Extremely Rare Documented Late 17th Century “Rising Block”
Breech-Loading Flintlock Pistol Formerly in the Visser Collection - NSN, 46 cal., 13 7/8 inch part octagon bbl., bright
finish, walnut stock. This fascinating 48 bore (.46 caliber) pistol is signed “Vorra” (town near Nuremberg) on the lock and has a “GS/
   fish” maker’s mark on the barrel at the breech and on the inside of the
back action lock. A c. 1680 “flintlock pistol, with rear loading for paper cartridges” is noted with that maker’s in “Der Neue Stockel” 8322 on p. 1248 as from c. 1680 referencing either this exact pistol or another like it. It is also featured in “The Visser Collection Vol. 1 Part 4” by G. de Vries and B.J. Martens on pages 552-553. Pushing up on the lever
ahead of the trigger guard
causes the breech block to slide upwards to allow loading from the breech end. The block has a flash channel to allow the flash to pass from the vent to the powder charge. The smoothbore barrel has a wedding band transition. The lock has some floral engraving. The pommel cap has a chiseled and pierced floral design. The stock has a partial inventory number in white on the left by the trigger. CONDITION: Good with silver-gray patina and some mild pitting. The stock is also good and has some mild scratches and dings and some faint cracks. Mechanically fine. This is an incredibly rare example of an early breech loading pistol. Provenance: The Henk L. Visser Collection; Property of a Gentleman. Estimate: 5,000 - 7,000
LOT 3432
Engraved, Silver Inlaid and Carved Flintlock Pistol by Henri Petitjean of Liege - NSN, 60 cal., 6 3/8 inch part round bbl., brown/bright/gold finish, relief carved silver inlaid walnut stock. By Henri Petitjean of Liege, active circa 1770-1799. Features a smoothbore browned barrel, rounded blade front sight, a dished rear sights on the tang, lock with a stepped tail and beveled edges with “H:PETITIEAN” signed at the center, relief engraved floral patterns on the hammer with gold plating on the inside, relief carved clamshell on top of the stock wrist with carved teardrop flats, silver wire inlays, engraved sideplates and an engraved martial motif and floral patterns on the butt pommel. CONDITION: Very good with gray and brown patina on the iron surfaces, scattered mild freckling and light pitting, most of the gold finish in the relief engraved section of the hammer, and defined lock markings and engravings. The reoiled stock is fine with defined recut carvings and some scattered light handling marks and dents. Mechanically excellent. Estimate: 1,800 - 2,750
LOT 3433
Documented Engraved and Gold Highlighted G. Massin Liegoise Flintlock Holster Pistol Formerly in the Visser Collection - NSN, 62 cal., 13 inch round bbl., bright/gold finish, walnut stock. The smoothbore barrel has a rounded blade front sight, “G. MASSIN A LUTTICH” signed on the sighting flat, and ornate low relief engraving with gilt background at the breech. The same style of engraving backed with gold is featured on the flat beveled “banana” profile lock and the iron furniture. The stock has very attractive stylized molding and flats. Gilles Massin is recorded as active around 1730-1740 and was active in the Belgian arms making center of Liege, “Luttich” being the German name for Liege. The pistol is featured in “The Visser Collection Vol. 1 Part 4” by G. de Vries and B.J. Martens, cat. no. 889, pages 474-475. CONDITION: Very good with silver-gray patina on the bright finished areas, 70% of the original gold remaining, some minor pitting, professionally made and matched replacement ramrod ferrule, and generally light overall wear. The restored stock is also fine and has distinct molding, a very discreet splice in the forend starting by the entry pipe and forward, and some light handling and storage marks. Mechanically fine. Provenance: The Henk L. Visser Collection; Property of a Gentleman. Estimate: 2,500 - 3,750
LOT 3434
Very Fine St. Etienne Silver Mounted, Carved and Engraved Flintlock Pocket Pistol with Eagle Head Pommel - NSN, 50 cal., 2 3/4 inch part octagon bbl., bright/silver finish, relief carved walnut stock. This diminutive pistol is signed “A St Etienne” on the lock and was manufactured around the late 18th century. The cannon style barrel is smoothbore and unsighted. The furniture is all silver and has various cast/ engraved designs including a detailed eagle’s head on the pommel and a boat on the left sideplate. The stock has fine floral carving behind the barrel tang. CONDITION: Very fine overall with mostly bright iron, a few small patches of light pitting, aged patina on the silver, detailed engraving and carving, and minimal wear. Mechanically excellent. A very attractive French pocket pistol from the era of their revolution. Estimate: 1,800 - 2,750

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