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 LOT 3456
World War II U.S. Marked Winchester Model 12 Slide Action Trench Shotgun with
Winchester Bayonet - Serial no. 1012280, 12 gauge, 20 7/8 inch round bbl., blue finish, walnut stock. The Winchester Model 12 and Model 97 Trench Guns were the primary
U.S. combat shotguns in World War II, Korea, and even into Vietnam and were used by both the U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Army. The barrel is fitted with the late pattern four-hole blued
heat shield/bayonet lug, and the breech end is stamped with the Ordnance shell and flame insignia with a circled “WP” Winchester proof on both the barrel and receiver. The right front end of the receiver is also roll stamped with the Ordnance shell and flame insignia next to “U.S.” The serial number is roll stamped on the underside of the receiver and barrel extension. “43” dated on the bottom breech end of the barrel. It is fitted with the standard varnished walnut 18-groove pump handle and buttstock stamped on the left with boxed “G.H.D.” (Guy H. Drewry) inspection initials above crossed Ordnance cannons. The stock is fitted with a black checkered hard rubber buttplate with the circular Winchester logo. The stock has a lower sling swivel with the larger wire sling bail swivel on the bayonet lug. Includes a “44” dated Boyt M1907 brown leather sling and “1917” dated Winchester M1917 bayonet with olive drab green leather scabbard with metal ends.
CONDITION: Very fine, retains 98% plus factory refinished blue finish with sharp markings and edges in the metal. The wood is also very fine with defined edges, scattered light dents and scratches, and crisp stampings. Mechanically excellent. Included bayonet is excellent, the scabbard is very fine.
presentation to an important individual in the Remington Arms Company. Commencing with serial number 3000000, Remington Arms Company started production of M1903 rifles under the lend- lease program in October 1941. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, production was redirected back to the U.S for its own wartime use. These Remington Model 03-A3 rifles run in a continuous serial number sequence shared with the Remington Model 1903 rifles manufactured prior, making this the 500,000th production 1903 rifle off the Remington production line! Blade front and adjustable peep rear sights, “RA/3-43” marked barrel, blued “R” marked bolt, and “U.S./REMINGTON/MODEL 03-A3/3500000” marked on top of the receiver ring. The stock is unmarked, with notably handpicked highly figured fancy grain walnut with beautiful colors, and a blue finished steel buttplate with flat square checkering.
CONDITION: Excellent, with 95% of the original parkerized and blued finish, showing some minor spotting and handling marks overall. The retention pin is absent from the front sight. Aside from a deep grain split in the left side of the buttstock, the wood is very fine overall, with distinct edges, some light dings and dents, fine color and highly attractive grain and feathering. The bolt hangs up at the rear end of its travel, otherwise mechanically very good.
Estimate: 4,500 - 6,500
LOT 3458
Excellent World War II U.S. Springfield M1 Garand Semi-Automatic Rifle - Serial no. 3012418, 30-06 Springfield cal., 24 inch round bbl., parkerized finish, walnut stock.
Manufactured in July 1944. Features a winged blade front and type 3 “lock-bar” rear sight assembly. With a wide-base gas cylinder and cross-slot poppet valve plug. The barrel is marked “2 S A 2 44” on the right of the
chamber. Includes an unmodified curve-side “D35382 9 SA” marked operating rod, “12” marked follower, and “D28287-19SA/A-6” bolt. The
trigger housing is marked “D28290-14-SA,” with a “C46008-7 SA” hammer, “SA-11” safety, and unmarked stamped trigger guard. Fitted with a smooth
pistol grip stock bearing a boxed “S.A./G.A.W.” (George A. Woody) inspection cartouche and crossed cannons ordnance wheel stamped on the left of
the wrist, with a circled serif “P” proof on the underside and smaller ordnance wheel on the bottom of the pistol grip. Includes a “S.M.Co./1944” marked OD green flat-buckle M1 web sling. An excellent representation of a mid-1944 production Springfield Armory M1 Garand rifle!
CONDITION: Excellent overall, retaining 97% plus original parkerized finish, with light scattered handling marks and fading. The otherwise excellent stock has some slight cracking visible at the toe, with crisp cartouches and consistent oil finish and wood grain. Mechanically excellent.
         254 Estimate: 2,750 - 4,250
Estimate: 6,500 - 9,500
 LOT 3457
Rare and Important Deluxe Presentation Grade U.S. Remington Model 03-A3 Bolt
Action Rifle with Milestone Serial Number “3500000” - Serial no. 3500000, 30-06 Springfield cal., 24 inch round bbl., parkerized/blue finish, waln
stock. Manufactured in March of 1943, this U.S. Remington 03-A3 rifle is bearing the one and only milestone serial number 3500000. It was likely made for

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