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 CONDITION: Fine. The barrel has a silver-gray patina and retains 30% plus of the original blue finish which is mostly in the protected areas of the barrel. The metal surfaces are smooth and the edges are sharp. The New Haven Arms legend and serial number are both crisp. The iron receiver has a good-looking gray brown patina with smooth surfaces. Strong traces of the bright original high polish blue finish are visible on the lower receiver near the trigger. The hammer retains
40% of the original color casehardened finish. The balance of the hammer along with the trigger and lever have a dove- gray patina with smooth metal surfaces. The iron buttplate shows patches of dark age discoloration and some pitting on the heel. The stock is also fine and shows only a few very insignificant handling and storage marks. The stock appears
to have much of the crazed original
varnish finish. These limited production
Iron Frame rifles are the rarest and most
desirable of the Henry rifles. This fine rifle would be the stand-out piece in the most advanced collection of Winchester or Civil War arms.
Estimate: 140,000 - 220,000
According to "The Story of Benjamin Tyler Henry and His Famed Repeating Rifle" by Quick, within the first 400 serial numbers, approximately 90 are reported as Iron Frame Henry Rifles, and 16 have been identified as having duplicate serial numbers as rifles with brass frames.

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