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LOT 3486
Exceptional Documented Law
Enforcement Shipped Colt Model
1921/1928 U.S. Navy Overstamp Thompson Submachine Gun with Carrying Case, Class
III/NFA C&R Registered Fully Transferable Machine Gun - Serial no. 6167, 45 cal., 10 1/2 inch fluted bbl.,
blue finish, walnut stock. This is a beautiful example of
an exceptional Auto Ordnance Thompson 1921/1928 US Navy over stamp submachine gun. This specific submachine gun was originally produced in the 1921 configuration
and was later over stamped with “U.S. NAVY MODEL OF 1928” then subsequently sold to the Harrisburg Police Department as documented on page 103 in the book “The Thompson Submachine Gun” by Roger Cox. This model came into being because of the lagging sales for the 1921 series of SMG and the fact that the USMC successfully used many of these New SMGs in Nicaragua, Auto-Ordnance began to remark their inventory with the intent of peaking sales interest to various police and government agencies. The basic difference between the original 1921 and 1928 configurations is that the latter has a slightly reduced cyclic rate of fire. These Thompson SMGs were probably one of the best machined and hand fitted submachine guns ever produced. They have a distinctive deep rich blued metal finish with the bolt remaining in the white and excellent deep dark brown walnut foregrip, pistol grip, and buttstock.

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