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    LOT 3490
Armitage International Mark II Bren Gun, Class III/NFA C&R Fully Transferable Machine Gun - Serial no. 30385, 303 cal., 26 inch round bbl., parkerized finish, walnut stock. Submitted for competition with the British Army in the 1930’s the Czech ZB vz.26 light machine gun was accepted over the American BAR, Danish Madsen, and other contemporaries, and underwent a series of alterations resulting in the BREN gun. Introduced in 1941, the Mark II version simplified some of the machining and woodcutting steps for ease of production, as well as boosting the rate of fire. Fixed conical flash hider, with the left-side offset blade and adjustable ladder peep sights. Marked “BREN MkII” and “D/1942” on the right side of the frame, with “A.I. LTD./29693/SN 30385” beside the barrel lug. Three position selector on the left side, marked “A S R” (auto/safe/single shot). Fitted with a folding bipod, smooth pistol grip,
crank-action cocking handle, smooth hardwood grips with
an oversized steel handguard, wooden cheek piece, and an adjustable rubber recoil pad. The left side of the receiver bears the military nomenclature, “VKT” logo, and “SA” Finnish Army acceptance mark. Included with the lot is a modern transport case, four magazine cases, seven extra magazines, and a selection of maintenance tools.
and a wood buttstock with small raised comb, ribbed buttplate and mounting points for a off-hand grip and shoulder plate. With two magazines and a sling.
 LOT 3491
Valmet (VKT) Lahti L-39 Semi-Automatic Anti-Tank Rifle, Class III/NFA Destructive Device, with Accessories - Serial no. 2769, 20 mm cal., 50 inch round bbl., blue finish, hardwood stock. Introduced in 1939 and rushed into service for the Winter War, the Lahti L-39 fires a 20mm anti-tank round from a top-loaded magazine and was capable of successfully engaging the Soviet armor of the era. It was
fielded under the nomenclature “20 pst kiv/39” (as seen on this example). Measuring taller than a man and weighing in
at close to 110 pounds, the L-39 is fitted with a ported muzzle brake, left-offset blade and tangent sights, a dual-mode bipod with brass covered wood skids and swing-out spiked legs,

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