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 The barrel is marked “IH 5P”, and has a set of mounting lugs near the muzzle. The receiver is in the traditional “shelf ” pattern for semi-auto HKs, with the “MP5” nomenclature added to the top and S&H markings (including the serial number of the sear) on the right side beneath the stock and trigger housing. The trigger housing is fitted with a right handed safety, with “S/E/F” (safe/semi/full) markings, and the semi-automatic bolt carrier has been welded up for proper engagement with the auto sear. Included with the lot are seven extra magazines and a black nylon sling.
CONDITION: Excellent as reconfigured/upgraded, with 98%
A mounting rail is installed on top, with a Schmidt & Bender 4x25 scope and a
folding carry handle. The heavyweight barrel is fitted with a ported flash hider and
a folding bipod, along with the traditional foregrip, and the receiver is dated “ATY” (December 1987). The bolt carrier is numbered “903SA760”, and has been modified for compatibility with the auto sear. Standard markings are present on the stock assembly. With the hammer pack installed, the trigger operates in a staged selective mode, with a short pull firing a single shot and a long pull firing in full automatic. Included with the lot are thirteen extra magazines.
CONDITION: Excellent, with 95% plus matte black finish, showing some minor wear
and handling marks. The stock shows a bit of scuffing around the ejector port, but is otherwise in equal condition. Optics show minor internal spotting, but are otherwise in good order. Mechanically excellent.
Estimate: 22,500 - 35,000
of the factory quality matte black finish, showing some light wear and handling marks overall. The furniture is in equal condition. Mechanically excellent.
Estimate: 25,000 - 40,000

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