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   LOT 3547
World War II German Afrika Korps BMW R71
Style Chang Jiang CJ750 M1
German Wehrmacht, though never
completely, mostly due to its high cost
compared to the simpler and cheaper BMW
R12. The Soviets recognized the quality of the R71 during World War II and,
 Motorcycle with Sidecar - Beginning production in the late 1950s
or early 1960s, the Chang Jiang CJ750 was initially manufactured for
the Chinese military. The CJ 750 is very closely base on the Soviet IMZ M-72, which was in turn based on the pre-World War II era German BMW R71. Introduced in 1938, the BMW R71 would become legendary for its durability and reliability, serving on nearly all fronts of the war. The R71, along with its junior models, represented the first model range by BMW to feature a rear suspension alongside the legendary Boxer side valve motor and shaft drive. The R71 was produced until 1941 and was adopted by the
after the conclusion of the war, closely copied it in their M-72 model. The close ties between the Soviet Union and China during the Korean War led to another close copy of the R71 being produced for their military, this being the Chang Jiang CJ750, like this example. This CJ750 has been fully outfitted in the Wehrmacht style to look the part, having a sidecar fitted with a spare tire as was common on World War II examples, BMW badging added on the fuel tank and sidecar, and finished with a desert tan, Afrika Korps style paint. Included with the motorcycle is an English translated manual, a few extra parts, and some tools.
CONDITION: Fine as custom configured in Wehrmacht configuration,
retaining most of the applied desert tan paint with some scattered patches
of flaking/wear, some moderate grease/oil buildup on the motor, and
some of the components/hoses being recent replacements. The tires
show minimal tread wear but have significant weather checking on the sidewalls (apart from the spare). The speedometer glass is cracked/broken. Mechanically untested.
Estimate: 5,000 - 8,000 299

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