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     LOT 3122
Incredibly Scarce Documented “Fine
Engraved” Sharps Model 1853 Slant
Breech Percussion Sporting Carbine with
Factory Letter - Serial no. 10711, 36 cal., 21 3/4 inch round bbl., brown/
casehardened finish, walnut stock. The Sharps Model 1853 is one of the most iconic
firearms of the often violent Antebellum era and was famously used by John Brown and
his abolitionist allies in Bleeding Kansas and his raid on Harpers Ferry. Early Sharps rifles like this
factory “extra fine engraved” sporting rifle helped establish breech loading firearms in the U.S. and led to Sharps rifles and carbines being among the most significant firearms
of the Civil War era and the settlement of the West after the war. The included factory letter from R.L. Moore Jr. lists this gun as a carbine with a 22 inch round barrel in .36 caliber (90 bore) and noted as “finely engraved.” On
page 49 of “Sharps Firearms,” Sharps expert Frank Sellers lists eight 90 bore “Round, Fine Engraved” rifles out of a total of 2,970 Model 1853 Sporting Rifles and 10,519
carbines. He does not list how many “Sporting Carbines” like this rare carbine were engraved but does indicate that double set triggers are rare on carbines and that “Quite
often the sporting carbines had no sling ring bar or sling swivels at all.” It has a globe front sight, the three-line barrel address, a folding ladder rear sight, standard patent markings on the lock and frame, a folding tang peep sight, adjustable double set triggers, sporting rifle style forearm with pewter end cap, and classic scroll engraving
with punched backgrounds on the breech end of the barrel, action, lock, patchbox, and buttplate in the style of Gustave Young and other German
trained engravers. Several components have “E” markings, and matching serial numbers are on the barrel, forearm, upper tang (partially engraved over), and patchbox.
CONDITION: Very good with 20% original brown finish concentrated heaviest in the protected areas of the barrel, traces of original case colors, replaced hammer, crisp engraving and markings, mix of gray and brown patina on the balance, some mild pitting, and general mild overall wear. The wood is also very good and has light scratches and dings and smooth oiled finish. Mechanically excellent. This is a highly desirable, finely engraved Sharps Model 1853 Sporting Carbine with a unique combination of features.
Estimate: 9,000 - 14,000
LOT 3123
Sharps Model 1852 Slant Breech Percussion Saddle Ring Carbine - Serial no. 2587, 52 cal., 21 inch round bbl., blue/casehardened finish,
walnut stock. Manufactured from 1853 to 1855 by Robbins & Lawrence of Windsor, Vermont, with a total production of approximately 4,997. This is
the earliest Sharps Model with the distinctive “slanting breech” and is fitted with the lever hinge pin retaining spring mounted on the right rear of the
forearm. The top of the barrel at the breech is marked “ROBBINS &/LAWRENCE”, the upper tang “C. SHARPS/PATENT/1848” followed by the serial number and the lock is marked
“SHARPS/PATENT/1852”. The matching serial number is marked on the underside of the barrel and back of the breechblock with the inside of the patch box door marked “457”. Brass blade
front and folding squirrel ear rear sight, sling swivel mounted on the brass barrel band and left side of the frame, and mounted with a smooth forearm and straight grip stock with brass patch box
and carbine buttplate.
CONDITION: Good as refinished with an artificial brown on the metal surfaces. The brass has an attractive aged “mustard yellow” patina. The wood has been lightly sanded and varnished and remains very good with a few pressure dents and scratches. The markings are clear. Mechanically fine.
    80 Estimate: 2,750 - 4,250

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