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   prisoner of war. The Herald included a lengthy obituary for Hammell on February 6, 1873, indicated that he studied
at the Academy at Newark and then University of New York Law School prior to the war but paused his studies
to join the war noting he would win “surer, quicker, nobler distinction in the profession of arms.” It indicates that the health issues he faced included “frequent hemorrhages of the lungs” (likely tuberculosis) and went to Montana in part in hopes of the climate being more suited to his condition. CONDITION: Very good with mostly bright blade, traces
of original gilt finish, minor oxidation and pitting mainly on the tip section and ricassos, find detailing and aged patina on the cast brass hilt and scabbard fittings, bright
scabbard body with some minor dents, general light scratches and marks overall, and mild age and storage related wear. The scabbard on the statue hilt figure is crudely repaired. The case is also very good and has an absent lid escutcheon and mild age and storage related. The medal is excellent with minimal wear. This is an incredibly rare sword presented to a Union officer who served throughout the Civil War, including in command at the Battle of Gettysburg, and continued to fight even after being wounded in combat multiple times and suffering harsh imprisonment.
Estimate: 70,000 - 90,000

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