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According to The Book of Colt Firearms by Wilson, only 525 Colt Single Action Revolvers were manufactured in .357 Magnum.
  The engraving consists of extensive floral and scroll
engraving with punched backgrounds covering over 75%
of the visible surfaces. The revolver is similar to the “Single
Action Army Revolver with Grade ‘C’ Engraving and Carved
Ivory Stocks” in Colt’s “Colt Revolvers and Automatic Pistols
De Luxe” advertisement in their 1932 catalog (see page 384
of “Colt Engraving” by R.L, Wilson), but, like most of Glahn’s
engraved revolvers, the patterns are not a standardized pattern
repeated on many other revolvers. Instead, it is a unique work of art
with similar but more extensive engraving than the advertised example. Even the
sides of the front sight blade and edge of the ejector rod head are engraved. For comparison,
see 357554, just two digits after this one, shown on page 402 of “Colt Engraving” by Wilson.
That revolver has a fair amount of similarities with this one, but does not appear to have
engraving on the front sight blade for example and has pearl grips. 357593 shown on the same
page includes engraving on the front sight and ejector rod button but features similar but
somewhat different floral and scroll patterns. The barrel of the current revolver has the one-line
address on top and “COLT SINGLE ACTION ARMY .357” on the left. The frame has the two-line
patent marking and Rampant Colt trademark in an engraved panel on the left. The trigger guard
has a “4” over the triangular “VP” proof on the left. Matching serial numbers are marked on the
frame, cylinder (“56”), and right side of the grip straps, and the matching assembly number “287” is on
the loading gate and rear of the frame on the right. The revolver features a rare full silver plated finish and is fitted with a very attractive pair of two-piece grips carved with a longhorn steer head on the right and fitted with inset silver Rampant Colt medallions.
CONDITION: Excellent with crisp engraving and markings, 95% plus original silver plating displaying attractive aged patina, faint drag lines on the cylinder, and minimal
light handling and storage type marks. The grips are extremely fine and have crisp steerhead carving, attractive natural grain, lightly aged
cream tones, small chips at the toe and upper corner on the left panel, and a few thin age hairline stress cracks. Mechanically
excellent. This is an absolutely incredible Wilbur A. Glahn masterpiece and one of the rarest and finest engraved First Generation Colt Single Action Army revolvers extant. Provenance: The George F. Gamble
Estimate: 50,000 - 75,000

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