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Desirable Winchester
Single “W”
Cartridge Display
Bullet Board - This
advertisement displays
the large variety of
ammunition produced
by Winchester from
percussion caps up to
the massive express
cartridges and large gauge shot shells. This is an extremely rare board
as it has both 1894 vintage (30 WCF and 25-35 WCF) and 1895 vintage (30 U.S.G. and .270 U.S.N.) cartridges as well as Winchester Leader 12 gauge shotgun shell. This means it was manufactured late 1894 or early 1895. There are three versions of this board known to acknowledgeable collectors, this being the last. The consignor noted that he has only observed two surviving examples of this last version. The ammunition is displayed in a large “W” pattern and additional cartridges are organized in star and circular patterns as well as lines of shotshells on the sides. The board displays a dark brown woodgrain background, “WINCHESTER/ REPEATING ARMS CO.” at the top in bold red and yellow lettering, a pair
of ducks at center, and vignettes of two hunters in the woods with a Winchester rifle aimed at unseen game and a cowboy using his horse for cover as he engages a distant foe with his Winchester. All of the cartridges appear to be present and remain attached. The back of the board has
the original “PRESENTED WITH COMPLIMENTS OF THE WINCHESTER REPEATING ARMS CO. PLEASE HANG IN A PROMINENT PLACE” paper label affixed to the top center. The overall display including the frame measures approximately 36 3/4 x 49 5/8 inches.
CONDITION: Fine, the background of the board shows nice color with an overcoat of protective varnish, minimal fading, a few small creases/tears along the upper edge, and otherwise minimal handling/storage evidence.
The cartridges
generally show
an attractively
aged patina
and some mild
oxidation. The
frame is also
fine with some
light handling/storage evidence scattered throughout. A great display piece for your gun room!
Estimate: 35,000 - 55,000

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