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NRA Silver Medal Winning and Magnificent Deluxe Factory Engraved Double Deer and Dog Running Animal Scene, Silver-Plated, Henry Lever Action Rifle - Serial no. 3007, 44 Henry RF cal., 26 inch octagon
bbl., silver/blue/casehardened finish, deluxe walnut stock. Deluxe, factory engraved, Henry lever-action rifle manufactured by the New Haven Arms Co. in August 1863. The rifle has a high polish blue finish on the barrel and integral magazine. The receiver and crescent buttplate are silver plated, and the hammer, lever and trigger are color casehardened. The stock is nicely figured, fancy grain, walnut with a high polish “piano” finish. The barrel has a nickel-silver, square back, front sight blade and a dove tail mounted folding leaf rear sight with 900 yard center notch. The magazine has the larger, second style follower, and the receiver has a beveled follower notch. The top of the barrel is roll-stamped with the two-line legend: “HENRY’S PATENT OCT. 16. 1860/MANUFACT’D BY THE NEWHAVEN ARMS. CO. NEWHAVEN. CT.” ahead of the rear sight. The receiver has the alternate rear sight dovetail that was discontinued around the time this rifle was manufactured. The buttplate is the first pattern with rounded heel. The buttplate has a hinged trap door, and the butt trap contains a four-piece, jointed, hickory cleaning rod. The left side of the stock is fitted with a factory sling swivel, and the left side of the barrel has a factory, screw-mounted loop for a sling hook. The rifle serial number “3007” is
stamped on the top barrel flat between the rear sight and the receiver
and on the left side of the lower tang beneath the stock, in the upper tang inlet of the stock and on the inside of the buttplate. The shanks of both hand-fitted buttplate screws and stamped with the rifle serial number.
All of the visible serial numbers match. The assembly number “924” is stamped on the barrel inside the loading sleeve and on the rear face of
the sleeve. The receiver and buttplate are decorated with deluxe “extra” engraving attributed to Samuel J. Hoggson of New Haven who is believed to have executed most of the factory engraving on Henry rifles. The engraving features has the same combination of scrollwork on a punch- dot background, floral designs and stylized game scene as other Hoggson engraved Henry rifles but is more elaborate and extensive. The game scene of the left side plate features two deer pursued by two hounds; this is the only factory engraved Henry rifle known with four animals in the scene.
In addition to the more elaborate game scene, the rifle features more extensive scrollwork on the top and rear of the receiver, upper tang and buttplate heel as well as extra scrolls in front of the side plates and more extensive borders. This rifle was awarded the Silver Medal for “Ten Best Arms” at the 2000 NRA National Convention. The rifle is accompanied by letters of inspection/evaluation by authors George Madis and R.L Wilson. The Madis description states that the rifle is “all original as made by the New Haven Arms Co.,” and that “Every pin, screw and all components are
as they left the factory”. The Wilson letter states: “The number of authentic engraved Henry Rifles is limited - No. 3007 ranks as one of the most remarkable examples, having survived in a condition that is remarkably fine.”
CONDITION: Excellent. The rifle retains 90% of the original blue and silver- plated finish. This is an exceptional amount of original finish for any Henry rifle. The high polish blue finish on the barrel and integral magazine shows only light edge wear, some scattered age spotting and some thinning
on the lower portion of the magazine near the receiver. The rear sight is complete and has 60% of the fire blue finish remaining. The New Haven Arms legend and the serial number are perfect. The silver-plated brass receiver and buttplate retain 90% of the original finish. Wear is limited
to contact points on the top and edges of the receiver and the heel and edges of the buttplate. The silver-plating is slightly tarnished and has never been polished or extensively handled. The factory engraved scrollwork, borders and game scene are crisp. The hammer, trigger and lever retain most of the original case colors. Blue finish is visible in protected areas
of the sling swivel and loop. The fancy grain walnut stock is in excellent condition and has 95% of the high polish piano finish. Wear is limited to a few very insignificant storage marks. This is an exceptional, award winning, deluxe factory engraved Henry rifle that has been examined and verified as original and excellent by two foremost experts on Henry rifles.
Estimate: 140,000 - 225,000

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