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Extraordinary Winchester Model 1866 Lever Action Musket - Serial no. 148255, 44 rimfire cal., 27 inch round bbl., blue finish, walnut stock. This extraordinary Winchester Model 1866 musket was manufactured in 1877 and remains nearly as it was when it
left the factory, a remarkable feat for any Winchester Model 1866, but especially so
for a standard grade musket, a variation that often saw hard use. These muskets were manufactured by Winchester with an eye for military contracts, and many were made
for foreign military contracts and saw battlefield use in Latin America, Europe, and Asia. This incredibly high condition Model 1866 musket has the distinctive 27 inch round barrel with 24 inch magazine and 17 inch walnut forearm secured by two barrel bands.
A bayonet lug for a sword bayonet is mounted on the right side of the front barrel band. The stock has a carbine style brass buttplate with sliding trap door. Factory sling swivels are mounted on the upper barrel band and stock. The barrel has a block front sight base with steel blade, and folding leaf rear sight with 900 yard center notch and screw stop for the elevation bar.

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