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 LOT 342
Unique and Very Scarce North Vietnamese/Viet Cong Copy of a Model 1911A1 Semi-Automatic Pistol - Serial no. 1966, 45 cal., 5 1/4 inch round bbl., blue finish, plastic grips. Manufactured by
an unknown party, this pistol bears a strong
resemblance to known “underground” pistols from the Indochina/Vietnam region. Such weapons were pressed into service for
the First Indochina War against the French, and would continue to be used by factions on both sides of the North/South split after the French left; such weapons are often associated with the Viet Cong, and a very similar weapon pictured on page 837 of “Small
Arms of the World” by Ezell is identified to the “Cao Dai” religious sect from the South. Made mainly by hand in crude workshops, Ezell
notes that these weapons have been seen with finish “surprisingly good considering the circumstances under which they were made”. Made in direct emulation of the 1911A1, and is completely devoid of markings apart from “1966” on the right of the frame, which may be either a manufacture date or intended as a serial number. Fitted
with a blade front sight and notch rear sight, hand-filed slide serrations, checkered wide hammer, functioning grip and thumb safeties, checkered hardwood grips, serrated mainspring housing with lanyard loop, and an ill-fitting American made “S” marked magazine.
CONDITION: Very good, retains 25% of the original blue finish with the balance primarily a smooth grey patina with some scattered patches of light pitting. The grips are fine with some mild corrosion around the screws and some grime buildup. Mechanically fine. A scarce complimentary piece for even the most complete U.S. military or Colt auto
Estimate: 5,500 - 8,500
    LOT 343
Unique and Desirable Korean War-Era Remington-Rand/Pusan Jin Iron Works
1911A1 Semi-Automatic Pistol - Serial no. 1034901, 45 ACP cal., 5 inch round bbl., parkerized finish, plastic grips. The frame of this very interesting pistol started life in early 1943, at the height of World War II, and was manufactured
by Remington-Rand. There is little doubt that the frame of this pistol and most of the smaller components saw heavy use for the following two years in the war effort against either the Germans or the Japanese. The frame then found its way into the
Korean War, either as a complete pistol, or merely a frame transferred to South Korean forces. At some point during its time there
the pistol was fitted with a barrel and slide that were manufactured by the Pusan Jin Iron Works, a South Korean factory known for producing copies of 1911/1911A1
pistols, often utilizing American made parts. The Pusan pistols are often noted for being fairly low quality compared to their American counterparts, but are generally fully functioning copies unlike many of the Vietnamese made copies. This example is incredibly rare in that it utilizes a complete American made frame, while most
examples usually only show a few scattered small parts of American origin. The left side of the slide on this example shows the standard Pusan Jin marking and is numbered “3/7” internally. The Korean made barrel is also numbered “3/7” on the bottom, and “3/7” has been stamped internally on the frame, indicating that this slide and barrel were specifically fitted to this frame. The left side of the frame has the “FJA” inspection mark and “P” proof, while the right has the standard U.S. property, serial number, and model
markings. Apart from the slide and barrel, all components appear to be American made. It is fitted with Keyes Fiber checkered grips and a full blue “L” marked magazine. CONDITION: Very good as arsenal rebuilt/refurbished, both the frame and slide appear to retain their respective finishes, with traces of the original parkerized finish on the frame
and on the slide, with the balance of both having mostly thinned to a smooth grey patina with some scattered patches of light surface pitting on the frame. The grips are fine with some mild lower edge wear, a few scattered minor flat spots/scuffs, and some light handling marks in the otherwise well-defined checkering. Mechanically fine.
Estimate: 4,500 - 7,000
LOT 344
Unique Documented Chinese “La Fjagne” Marked Copy of a Star
Model A Semi-Automatic Pistol as Pictured and Described in “Pistols of the
Warlords: 1911-1949” - Serial no. 011, 7.63 mm cal., 5 1/16 inch
round bbl., blue finish, hardwood grips. This is a very interesting and unique Chinese copy of a Star Model A pistol. Likely
manufactured during the turbulent and violent period of the Chinese Civil War, this pistol very closely imitates the Star Model A in appearance and function, though it lacks a thumb safety. It is unclear whether the thumb safety is merely absent
or if one was ever fitted, as the frame appears to be manufactured to accept one. The left side of the slide is marked “LA FJAGNE”, the meaning of which is unknown, which is followed by a sideways “S” within a diamond, a symbol that is
repeated on the left of the frame. The “S” within a diamond symbol is also unidentified, though it is likely the mark of the workshop, factory, or arsenal that originally produced the pistol. It is fitted with blade and notch sights, serrated slide stop, checkered thin hammer, magazine release on the magazine well, a lanyard
loop on the left of the grip frame and a pair of checkered hardwood grips. The specific pistol is pictured and discussed on p. 510-511 of the reference book by Ian McCollum, “Pistols of the Warlords: 1911-1949”.
CONDITION: Very good, retains traces of the original blue finish, primarily in sheltered areas with the balance having thinned to a mottled grey-brown patina with some scattered light pitting. The thumb safety shield appears to have been brazed back onto the frame. The grips are also fine shoring moderate wear and minor handling marks scattered throughout, and otherwise well-defined checkering. Mechanically inoperable,
as the slide does not fully retract. Estimate: 3,000 - 5,500

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