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       of the tangent are matching numbered “84”. This short rifle/carbine design also eliminated
LOT 380
Extremely Rare Documented World War II Bring Back 1941 Dated German Mauser G40k Experimental Prototype Bolt Action Carbine with Letter of Provenance - Serial no. V78, 7.92 mm Mauser cal., 19 1/4 inch round bbl., blue finish, laminate stock. This is
an exceptional example of a extremely rare Mauser experimental prototype carbine; one
of only several known to exist with one other example currently in the Aberdeen Proving Grounds Museum (serial V81) and another previously sold by Rock Island Auction Company (serial V84, auction 79, lot 1635). This specific example has the unique experimental/ prototype “V” prefix serial number (V78) and it is theorized it was developed as a precursor to the G33/40 carbine or an attempt by the Mauser factory to produce a new improved, short lightweight version of the K98 rifle while still employing the full size 7.92 mm Mauser cartridge. This carbine is accompanied by an included letter of provenance that states,
“My father was Lt. Colonel Eugene T. Powers from Springfield, Missouri. He joined the
Army in 1939... Late in 1944 he was sent to Europe. He worked his way through France and got to Germany after the war ended. He participated in the liberation of POW camps and concentration camps. He served in the Army of Occupation until 1949. When he came home that year (at the rank of Captain), he brought back this rifle, Mauser G40k Serial # V78.” and proceeds to list a few other items that are not included with the sale of this carbine. The receiver ring is marked “byf/41” and the receiver side wall is marked “G40k”. The left side of the receiver and barrel are both appropriately stamped with serial number “V78”. There is
a large “eagle/swastika” firing proof on the left of the receiver, barrel and back side root of the bolt. Fitted with a short 19 1/4 inch barrel, and a shortened laminated K98k stock and handguard. The barrel appears to be the same general outward size and configuration as the K98k, however it is fitted with a much shorter “one-piece” milled rear sight base with
a shorter rear sight staff. On this example, the tangent rear sight base is only three inches long versus four inches for the regular K98k and the staff is approximately 2 3/4 inch long. The face of the tangent sight is only graduated from “1-10” (100-1,000 meters) vs. 2-24 (200-2,400 meters) on a standard K98k rear sight. Both the top of the base and underside
the middle barrel band and instead, uses a “one-
piece” all milled front barrel band which also secures
the front of the handguard. Numerous early Mauser single or
double “eagle/655” Waffenamt proofs are stamped on almost all the
various components including the right of the receiver, flat of the trigger
guard, floorplate, follower, extractor and collar, underside of the bolt handle, right of the bolt sleeve, rear face of the striker and bolt release. The bolt handle is unique in that it is correctly bent downward like a standard K98k, however it has a hole drilled through the center of the bolt knob, likely intended as a form of weight reduction while also improving grip ability. As noted, it is still fitted with a factory modified K98k laminated type buttstock and handguard with the stamped cupped steel buttplate and a takedown washer through the stock. A few areas of the stock are slightly thinner than a standard K98k (it takes careful observation to see), also a likely attempt to save weight. Make no doubt about it, the
stock still retains its original wartime color and original finish. This rare early World War II prototype carbine has the beautiful all original commercial style Mauser blue finish. CONDITION: Excellent, retains 90% plus original blue finish with scattered patches of light surface oxidation most visible on the floorplate. Stock is very fine with some light handling marks, a 5 1/2 inch hairline crack visible on the left starting behind the recoil lug, and defined edges overall. Mechanically excellent. This extremely rare World War II German Mauser G40k prototype carbine, with provenance linking it as a bring back, would be the center piece of any advanced Mauser rifle collection!
Estimate: 20,000 - 35,000

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